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Only two states in the entire nation celebrate Patriot’s Day and Massachusetts is one of them.  On the third Monday in April the gallant people of Acton re-enact the very first battle of the Revolutionary War, the battle of Concord at which Acton native Captain Isaac Davis was the very first American to die in the cause of our freedom.

Every person in Acton feels a great deal of pride in Captain Isaac Davis’ courage and selflessness in giving his life so that we might be free.  Of course, re-enacting this seminal battle isn’t the only way that Acton homeowners show their pride in their town.  Another way to demonstrate pride every day is by the way homeowners maintain their homes.  It’s called pride of ownership.

Keeping a home’s siding looking fresh and new is important for many reasons.  Not only does it help to Dudley2demonstrate pride of ownership, but well-maintained siding is vital for keeping a home’s frame sound and for providing good insulation in order to keep heating and cooling costs under control.

Homeowners here demand a lot from a siding contractor in Acton.  First they want a low maintenance siding that will last virtually forever; after all, no homeowners wants to go through the cost and the aggravation of re-siding a home a second time.

They also want a siding contractor who is intimately familiar with all of the building codes and local permit requirements.  They want a siding contractor who has well maintained equipment and who is expert at working on both tall buildings as well as working in tight, confined spaces.

Any siding contractor in Acton must know everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings so the low InstallationClosemaintenance siding they install will also lower the homeowner’s utility bills every single month for years to come.

Lastly, any local siding contractor must have literally hundreds of satisfied customers who are ready and willing to verify the contractor’s claims.

Finding a contractor who fits all of those criteria seems as if it would be impossible.  Fortunately it’s not.  United Home Experts has installed siding on more homes here in Acton than just about anyone else.

In fact, it would be almost impossible to drive through Acton’s beautiful neighborhoods without finding at least one home or commercial building that has been re-sided by UHE.

In fact, UHE probably has more satisfied customers here in Acton than any other siding contractor.  Just ask them; they will be happy to supply you with tons of local references.

The low maintenance siding that United Home Exerts installs is not just low maintenance – it also lasts almost Blog-Photo10-resized-600forever, so homeowners here don’t have to worry about re-siding their home again for as long as they live.

And because UHE has sided so many homes and offices here in Acton they know every local building code and every necessary permit, which means you don’t have to worry about that for a moment.

One last thing to keep in mind.  Many siding contractors here in Acton hire their workers on a day-to-day basis, picking them up each morning from some local parking lot.  That is not the way United Home Experts does business.  Their skilled siding installers have worked for the same company for many years in most cases, and in every instance UHE’s installers have been thoroughly trained and tested.  Ask yourself – which type of installer do you want working on your property.

Naturally everyone is concerned with cost.  The best costs more – we all know that.  But in the case of United Home Experts, being the best siding contractor in this area doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to cost the most.  Why?  Because they side so many homes in this area that they are able to keep their prices low.  There is only one way for you to know for sure if the best is right for you and your home and that is by giving United Home Experts a call.  Go ahead.  Do it today. For more information about our siding services, visit our main siding page!

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