Ridiculously Easy Estimates

You May Be Asking – How So?

You’re probably anticipating that dealing with many companies in our industry will be a pain in the backside. Well you’re right–it usually is!

We fully understand that we have no chance of earning your business if we can’t handle the simple task of giving you an accurate, detailed, and easy-to-understand estimate in a reasonable amount of time–we call it a “Ridiculously Easy Estimate”. Most companies make that “simple” task actually not-so-simple.  Keep reading to see how United is very different from “Local Lenny” and “Big-Brand Biff”.

Who Is He?

A local contractor with no management or office support. He manages all aspects of the business himself.

Drive-By “Ballpark Estimate”

1-size fits all estimate. Customers inform us Lenny’s first price is almost never the final price because of disorganization and forgotten expenses.

Too Busy For You

Lenny has no staff (he is the staff). Getting an estimate will be like pulling teeth. Clients report frequent cancellations and late arrivals with no warning.

Prices Too Good To Be True

Out of touch with constantly changing costs, Lenny usually under-prices and makes it up by cutting corners and hiding it from homeowners.

Buys Materials Off The Shelf

Lenny recommends whatever he can get off the shelf at the Big Box store. He often undercuts prices by using sub-par materials hidden from the homeowner.

Who Are We?

Mid-sized family run business with dedicated employees focused on each step: estimating, customer service, installation.

No Pressure Estimates

We get it. You don’t want some cheesy, high pressure pitch. Just a professional and accurate estimate for great products–on the spot!

Flexible Scheduling

United offers convenient estimate times including nights and Saturdays to accommodate your busy schedule.

Accurate & Competitive Pricing

Always current with pricing, we get volume deals from reputable suppliers, which saves you money. Our estimates are accurate and firm.

Offers a Variety of Quality Solutions

We offer multiple options from well known suppliers and help you decide which products are best for your home.

Who Is He?

Represents a major brand or big-box store with tiers of managers, sales reps, and subcontracted day laborers.

High Pressure Sales Pitch

Rated worse than car salesmen in some surveys, homeowners report lots of arm twisting and “special” offers from guys like Biff.

Dinner’s Getting Cold

Biff will be there when you want, for as long as he wants. We’ve been told it’s an exhausting and manipulative experience.

Lots of Overhead = Over Priced

Huge advertising campaigns and layers and layers of managers. Guess who’s paying for it all?  Only a fraction of what you pay is actually applied to your project.

Square Peg / Round Hole

Biff can only offer you 1 product. That means even if the product is not right for you, he’ll forcefully make it “the best option”.