Best Roof Leak Protection


Most homeowners wait until they hear the dripping of water into their homes or see big brown spots on their ceilings before they worry about the condition of their roofing. The more cautious homeowners may assess their roofing situation after a major rain or snowstorm. But the fact is that it is too late, at this point, to begin worrying about their home’s roof condition. There are things that homeowners can do to prevent roof leaks from happening in the first place.

One of the best ways homeowners can ensure that their roofs are protected from leaks is to limit the amount of foot traffic that the roof sees. Lots of people like to hang Christmas lights from their roofs during the holiday season, but walking along the roof is one of the easiest ways to put pressure on the roof’s structure so that damage may occur and a leak might form. Some spots on a roof are safer to walk on than others, although it can be dangerous to walk on the roof, in general. Homeowners should consult with the professionals at United Home Experts to determine the safest spots to walk on when it comes to their own roofs.

Another thing that is required for roof leak protection is to maintain clean and clear roofs and gutters. Roofs that 040are free of debris are much less likely to develop leaks. Fallen leaves, moss and even pine tree needles can all prevent water from being able to leave the roof’s surface and may create a damming effect. This water backup can seep through layers of roofing and can even cut through existing waterproofing membranes, which can lead to serious roof leaks. Frequent power washing or use of a power-blowing vacuum will ensure that any roof stays completely clear of debris. Applying a copper or zinc strip to the roof’s ridge is another good way of keeping moss from accumulating on a roof.

Ice buildup is a major cause of roof leakage and can result in structural damage. There are several ways to prevent an ice dam, but one of the best is to invest in a system that is specially designed to heat the eaves of a house. Eaves heaters are constructed of a wire network that is strung above a roof’s overhang. These heating wires function in the same way as those that can be found inside an electric blanket. They prevent water from getting cold enough to turn into ice and ensure that the water will flow off the roof in the most effective way.

Finally, roof leak protection can be achieved through the application of one of many products available on the market today that fall under the category of rubberized leak stoppers, roof patches, or rubberized flashing. It is important for homeowners to remember that, even though these products are readily available to the general public, they should not try to apply this on their own without outside help. The process can be very dangerous for people who are not trained in the proper techniques, and warranties may be voided if application mistakes are made. The United Home Experts offer free estimates for anyone is interested in learning more about how one of these products can best protect their roofs from experiencing leaks. They include roof leak protection installation as part of any partial or total roof replacement. For more information, read our main roofing page!

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