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Everlast is one of those products you must see in person to really appreciate it’s beauty. Are you ready to see it on your home?

What is Everlast™ Composite Siding?

Everlast™ Siding is a beautiful and realistic looking composite siding that is colored through and doesn’t require painting like wood siding or fiber cement siding.

  • 1/4″ thick solid construction means your house is protected from flying debris and high winds.
  • Because Everlast has no wood additives it will not absorb moisture and will not rot. Plus the seams are butt joined and not overlapped (like vinyl siding) helping you achieve a look much closer to real wood.

What is it Made From?

Everlast is made from a proprietary mixture of polymeric resin and granular stone giving it strength and durability without sacrificing beauty. Most importantly there is no wood in the product. Siding products with wood such as fiber cement, and pressed board are prone to fail when in contact with moisture.

We’re confident our product will look beautiful for decades to come That is why Everlast™ Polymeric Cladding is backed by a transferable Lifetime Performance Warranty. Thanks to our ColorHold® UV-stable acrylic polymer, your new siding is also covered with Lifetime Fade Protection. Everlast™ is warranted against hail damage where your homeowner’s insurance may not cover. Our installers are specially trained to handle and install this unique siding system so that it will look beautiful on your home for decades to come. Please see the actually warranty for details and limitations.

Everlast™ is available in 4.5″ and 7″ exposures in 14 beautiful and timeless colors. (see all the colors at time of the estimate)