Mastic Siding

It is often said that a product is only as good as its warranty.  If that is so, then the limited lifetime warranty on masticvinyl-resized-600Mastic vinyl siding says it all.  There is only one way a manufacturer can afford to offer such a warranty – the product must be good enough to live up to its claims.

This is only one of the many reasons that Mastic siding has been one of the top choices for re-modelers here in the harsh and unforgiving climate of the Northeast for many years.  This is not an area where one can afford to make a guess, play a hunch – or purchase the second best.  And it is most definitely not an area in which a homeowner can afford to make a mistake.  Making a mistake on home siding can cost a homeowner thousands in extra energy bills, not to mention the time and expense required to rectify the mistake.

The home siding experts at United Home Experts sell a variety of home siding so they are not beholden to any one company.  That makes their expert advice highly sought after by professional builders and homeowners alike.  It is strongly recommended that any homeowner considering re-siding a home here in the Northeast should contact the professionals at United Home Experts for a free siding consultation before committing to any siding contract.

Durability is not the only reason that homeowners overwhelmingly choose Mastic vinyl siding when it comes time Mastic_Alcoa_2008_logo-resized-600to re-side a home.  Mastic also offers one of the largest selections of textures in the home siding business.  Mastic knows that looks matter – especially on something as personal and as valuable as a home.  Mastic textures can mimic almost any type of siding available to local homeowners.

Mastic offers traditional lap siding, vertical siding, and shingle siding.  All Mastic products are fully insulated, offering one of the highest “R” ratings in the industry.  This guarantees that a homeowner with Mastic siding will enjoy tremendous energy savings for their home here in the Northeast.

Style, durability and superior insulation are only half the story.  Mastic also offers more color choices for siding Mastic-resized-600than almost anyone else in the area, affording a homeowner the luxury of choosing just the right color and shade for any home.  Mastic also offers protection against dents and dings, and Mastic vinyl is 100% insect resistant  –  both promises which very few sidings can claim.  Vinyl is the only siding that combines all of the elements that a homeowner here in the Northeast is looking for in one affordable and easy-to-install package.

Homeowners here in the harsh climate of the Northeast have several choices when it comes time to re-side a home, but no choice is better over the long run than heavy-duty vinyl siding.  Wood and aluminum siding both come up far short of the protection, the beauty, the insulation and the long-term value and afford ability of Mastic vinyl siding. Any homeowner seeking to improve the look, value and energy efficiency of their home should consult the professionals at United Home Experts to determine if Mastic is right for them.

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