Fluid Applied Roofing Systems in New England

If you own or manage a building you know that a good roof is critical to the health of your building. In New England our buildings are subject to all four seasons and the elements that come with them. This is why it is critical that a building’s roof is built to withstand all of them. Fluid applied roofing systems are comprised of multiple components that will protect your building from wind, snow, rain, ice, and heat.

More Than Just a Roof Coating or Paint

A fluid applied roofing system is much more than just roof coating or an extra coating of paint. A fluid applied roofing systems is comprised of multiple components that come together to create a roof that will survive the lifetime of the building.  All of our fluid applied roofing systems have been tested and approved as a singular integrated system, and we also have warranties available to provide extra security and peace of mind.

Multiple Fluid Applied Roof Systems

Not every building or structure is the same, and that means that every fluid applied roofing system can’t be the same either. There are multiple fluid applied roof systems designed for different applications and conditions.

  • Acrylic Elastomer Over Spray Polyurethane Foam- This fluid applied roofing system is formed using high solids, advanced acrylic elastomer coatings over polyurethane foam insulation that was sprayed in place. This fluid applied roofing system features fire retardants and a biocide package that is resistant to algae and mildew growth.
  • Fabric- Reinforced Acrylic Elastomer- We can also install fabric reinforced acrylic elastomer systems. These are Class 1, FM 4470 approved roofing systems. The materials used come together to form a flexible, UV resistant compound. The nonwoven polyester fabric used to reinforce the roofing system has been designed for roofing and flashing applications of all types.
  • Elastomeric Silicone System- Elastomeric silicone fluid applied roofing systems are created by a number of materials including; ultra-high volume solids, pure elastomeric silicone compounds for weatherproofing, ultraviolet resistance, biological resistance and fire retardancy over polyurethane foam insulation and other appropriate substrates. The properties are retained under all types of weather conditions no matter how cold or hot.


Roofing Knowledge Base

If you’re looking for some more information on the different components of a roofing system, we have you covered. Here are some helpful links to help you in your roofing research!