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Sherborn, Massachusetts has a very long history, going back to well before the United States of America even existed.  In fact, by the year 1700 the town was fairly well established and had been given the name Sherborn.  Almost until the end of World War II the town’s cider mill was famous throughout the world.

Today many people consider Sherborn a bedroom community of Boston, but the people of Sherborn still feel an ancient kinship to those early settlers who struggled to put Sherborn on the map.

Because Sherborn’s history goes back so far many of the residents of this community feel a need to keep their homes looking somewhat authentic and one way to do that is to use a siding which has the appearance of real wood while at the same time insulating each home against today’s high energy costs.

While homeowners may debate the merits of one siding over another, one thing everyone can agree on is that Blog-Photo09they do not want to side a house more than once.  Another thing everyone can agree on is that they are looking for a low maintenance siding; no one wants to spend a great deal of time or money keeping their home’s siding looking new.

The only way for a siding contractor in Sherborn to install low maintenance siding quickly is by having (owning) all of the right equipment combined with years and years of siding experience, including experience with tall buildings and experience working in small, confined spaces.  Not many contractors have both the right equipment and all the required experience.

Naturally a homeowner expects a siding contractor to understand and follow all local building codes and obtain all the needed permits before starting a job.  Failure to obtain permits or follow local codes can result in headaches for the homeowner that never seem to go away.

The next thing a siding contractor in Sherborn needs is a thorough understanding of Energy Star ratings and how Blog-Photo14those ratings apply to the homeowners in this area. Applying siding with a high Energy Star rating can help reduce a homeowner’s utility bills by a considerable amount.

Finally, a homeowner here in Sherborn expects a siding contractor to have roots in the community.  A contractor must care about the homes he or she is siding and genuinely want to do an excellent job, over and above what is required.

United Home Experts is one of the few siding contractors here in Sherborn who meets all of these qualifications.  UHE installs only the best siding, specifically chosen to compliment each particular home, and each of their sidings carries the highest Energy Star ratings, guaranteeing the homeowner lower utility bills each month for years to come.  UHE can also guarantee siding to last a lifetime, allowing the homeowner to put the worry of re-siding at a later date completely out of his or her mind.

UHE owns all of its own equipment.  This can be a huge plus for local homeowners, and UHE is skilled in working on tall buildings as well as working in tight spaces, something not all contractors can claim.

And most importantly, United Home Experts has been siding homes in the Sherborn area for many years.  They have tons of satisfied customers to whom the homeowner contemplating new siding can speak with before starting a job.  And, just as importantly, perhaps, UHE has its own staff of trained installers who have been with the company for years and who are excellently trained.  Contrast that with many contractors who hire day laborers out of a local parking lot to work on your house.

Naturally one expects to pay a higher price for the best siding contractor in Sherborn, but the truth of the matter is, United Home Experts sides so many homes that they are able to buy their materials in bulk at wholesale and they pass the savings on to the homeowner, making their prices very competitive.  Give the knowledgeable and friendly folks at United Home Experts a call today and find out just how affordable re-siding a home can truly be. For more information about our siding services, visit our main siding page!

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