Home Siding Maintenance: Green Options

There are many homeowners who would like to invest in siding installation in order to improve the appearance of their homes. They want their homes to look good on the outside and they want to use siding for houses that are environmentally friendly. It is important for them to select an option that is durable and suitable for the climate. Making the right choice can decrease future maintenance costs and can keep a homeowner from needing to add under-performing materials to landfills. There are several environmentally friendly choices available on the market. Some items have been made with recycled materials so less virgin materials were used to create them. Many of the options are very reasonably priced and easy to find.

Once a siding type is chosen, it should be installed by an experienced company. United Home Experts is a company that has experience installing, repairing, and maintaining many siding materials. Proper installation and maintenance can ensure that siding lasts as long as possible.

Insulated vinyl siding includes a layer of foam insulation. The foam layer causes it to be easier to work with than regular vinyl siding. It does not need much maintenance and can last up to 50 years. It can be recycled and costs between three and eight dollars per square foot to be installed. It is more expensive than regular vinyl.vinyl-blogphoto09-resized-600

Another type of eco-friendly siding is Everlast Composite Siding. It is a wonderful alternative option for those who like the look of wood. It is a very durable product that is made of stone and polymeric resin. This type of siding has a Lifetime Performance Warranty. It is easy to clean since the original luster returns after being hosed down with a garden hose. Stains can be removed with regular household cleaners. Therefore maintenance is very simple and inexpensive. There are a variety of colors available.  stacked everlast

Fiber cement siding is made up of a small percentage of wood fiber, cement and silica sand. It is fire-resistant and will not emit any dust or volatile compounds into the air after it is installed. It is extremely durable and can last for more than fifty years. It requires almost no maintenance and is termite-proof. It is a well-known product that has been around for almost a hundred years.  It is possible to find and install fiber cement that is made out of recycled materials which is great for the environment. It is a sustainable and green siding option. This option is normally more expensive than vinyl siding.

The best type of green siding for one homeowner may not be the best choice for another homeowner. United Home Experts can help homeowners choose siding that will work best for their homes. The company answers questions and addresses concerns regarding green siding options that are available today. Climate, durability, cost and maintenance requirements have to be considered when selecting a siding material. Creativity may need to be used in order to source products that can be re-purposed and used as siding.


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