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The homeowner considering residing a home is faced with more than half a dozen choices as to the material that should be used.  The decision that the homeowner ultimately makes is an important one because a home is probably the biggest investment a person makes, and the choice of a siding which will protect that home that investment is one of the most important decisions that a homeowner is faced with.

This article does not attempt to sell the homeowner any particular type of home siding.  The purpose of this article is merely to provide the homeowner with as much unbiased information as possible about one particular type of siding vinyl siding so that the homeowner can include this information when making an informed decision.  So here are vinyl siding pros and cons.

Vinyl siding has made huge strides in just the past few years.  Many old notions of vinyl must be discarded and the cedarimpressions-resized-600homeowner needs to come to this discussion with an uncluttered perspective.  From an aesthetics standpoint, today’s vinyl mimics the look of real wood much more realistically than the faux-wood vinyl panels of just a few years ago.  One of the reasons some people disliked the vinyl panels of even ten years ago was the fact that the panels had a seam in them that destroyed the illusion that they might be wood.  Today’s vinyl has no seams and the texture of the panels looks more like wood than ever.

The true key to vinyl is the thickness of the siding.  Many homeowners are unaware that vinyl comes in at least three gauges or thicknesses, or that the gauge of the siding they choose determines how long their siding will last.  Obviously, the thicker the vinyl is, the thicker the gauge and the more the siding will cost.

The vinyl sold in many home centers is 40 to 45 gauge size.  This is adequate and can last 25 years or more in many climates.  However, for the homeowner who wants true durability and a siding that can last 40 years or more with little or no maintenance, a 55-gauge (.55 inch thick) siding is recommended.

Vinyl panels generally come fully painted, with the color infused with the vinyl itself so it cannot flake or chip off.  Homeowners can choose from a wide palette of colors, matching almost any color scheme the homeowner can come up with.  If just the right shade is not available in a pre-colored vinyl panel, vinyl siding can be painted any color that the homeowner chooses.

One of the primary reasons that vinyl has become “king” in the house siding world is that once the vinyl is installed, there is virtually no maintenance to perform for the next 30 or 40 years.

That is not to say that a vinyl panel attached to a home today will look just as good 40 years from now as it does now it will not, but if a homeowner does nothing to a 55-gauge panel for forty years, it could still do its job of keeping the home dry and safe in many climates.  And that is something.

Of course, to keep a home’s vinyl siding looking good and relatively new, the siding will need to be washed at least vinyl-blogphoto01-resized-600once per year and painted every eight to 10 years.  Under the glare of the sun, the colors infused into vinyl panels do fade with time, so without a certain amount of care, such as occasionally repainting, vinyl siding does tend to look old after a few years.

Another point to keep in mind is cost.  Vinyl is one of the least expensive sidings a homeowner can buy.  Not only are the initial costs less than virtually any other siding, but the installation is also fast and inexpensive as well due to vinyl’s lightweight and interlocking design.

Vinyl does have its drawbacks, however, and homeowners need to be aware of them.  For one thing, vinyl dents rather easily, even the heavier gauges.  An errant baseball, hail, or even a power wash can dent vinyl, and very often the dents do not pop back out no matter what the homeowner does.

If a panel is dented or needs to be replaced for any other reason, it can be extremely difficult, time-consuming and expensive.  Vinyl panels overlap, and because they are attached in an interlocking pattern, they can be extremely difficult to remove and it can be almost impossible to insert a new piece of siding.

Not only that but matching the color of an existing panel with a new panel can be virtually impossible unless the damaged panel is almost new.  The reason for this is that the colors permeated into vinyl panels fade over time, making a newly inserted panel stand out.  Also, it can happen that a manufacturer will cease manufacturing a certain color of panel, making it impossible to color-match an older piece of vinyl.

Cold can also be a vinyl killer.  In extremely cold weather, vinyl can become brittle and crack under the least provocation.  Cracks in the siding allow water to seep behind the vinyl and that can cause incalculable damage to the framing of a home.

There can be another problem with cold weather: vinyl does not insulate well.  This problem can be alleviated, at vinyl-blogphoto02-resized-600least to a large degree, by either wrapping the home with an insulating house wrap or putting heavy-duty insulation into each wall cavity before the vinyl is applied.  There is a thin insulating material that can be placed under the vinyl itself, but this does little in the way of actually insulating a home against either cold or heat.  The cost of additional insulation must be calculated into the total price of vinyl siding when making siding comparisons.

In extreme heat temperatures, vinyl siding can also melt and cause severe problems in locations where irregular weather patterns are the norm.

To sum up, the main advantages of vinyl are its low cost and ease of installation combined with its low maintenance.  Some homeowners are also pleased with the way modern vinyl panels look.  Drawbacks include being easily dented, the difficulty of replacing individual panels, color fading and potential cracking in extremely cold weather.  All of these factors must be weighed carefully against the pros and cons of other types of siding when making a decision as important as installing new siding on a home.


Home construction in New England requires strong building materials. There is a wide variety of siding available in the Northeast, but the two most popular home siding options are Certainteed Vinyl Siding and Everlast Composite Siding. Here is an overview of how the two compare to each other.

Comparison of Material Composition and Appearance

Certainteed siding, as the name suggests, is composed of vinyl, which is a very tough form of plastic, or PVC vinyl-blogphoto01-resized-600(polyvinyl chloride). Composite siding is made up of a mixture of mostly stone particles with some polymeric resin added in. This type of resin is basically a plastic that starts out as a liquid but then hardens into a thick, heavy-duty coating.

Both choices are long-lasting and durable and will serve their purpose well in the harsh weather that can so often be found in New England. In consumer tests, Everlast siding showed a slight advantage in durability of its Certainteed vinyl competitor.

Another major concern for most homeowners is: How does the product look? Certainteed vinyl comes in a wide variety of styles that resemble wood, stone, or brick. This type of siding can be stained and finished to enhance its beauty and increase its lifespan. The biggest turn off for homeowners on vinyl siding is that it looks and feels cheap and with good reason.

Everlast composite siding resembles realistic wood clapboard, with non-overlapping, even seams. There is no othereverlast_polymeric_cladding-resized-600 product on the market that is as realistic to wood siding is than Everlast. This type of siding is a beautiful choice as is. It never needs to be painted, stained, or treated. Its maintenance-free beauty is a clear top choice for homeowners who don’t have a lot of time, or the inclination, for regular, involved upkeep.

Comparison of Weather and Pest Resistance

Vinyl siding withstands both snow and rainstorms, which makes it a good choice for houses in the Northeast. The downside of vinyl siding is that it has to be installed properly and professionally with some added flashing in order to keep a home completely dry and free of insect infestations. Also, the expansion and contraction rate varies up to an inch sometimes, which creates distortion and can tarnish the vinyl.

Composite siding, on the other hand, lies flat against the home, which enables it to more effectively resist mildew, rot and termites. Like vinyl siding, this type of siding is resistant to rot. Composite siding requires no extra flashing to be able to withstand pests and everything the weather throws at it. In this case, then, composite siding is the best value.

Comparison of Maintenance Requirements

Certainteed vinyl siding is fade-resistant. Depending on the company that is selling the siding, the vinyl sidingcedarimpressions01 comes with either a 50-year, one-owner lifetime warranty or a transferable warranty. Everlast, on the other hand, is guaranteed for the life of the house it is siding, and its warranty is also transferable.

Neither type of siding requires much maintenance. All that a homeowner needs to do is wash debris from off the side of the house with a garden hose once a year. For this reason, both types are fairly equal when it comes to maintenance, but the composite siding has an edge over the vinyl siding because of its lifetime warranty.


Based on these comparisons, Everlast siding comes out as the clear winner in terms of both customer satisfaction and durability. Most manufacturers also agree that Everlast is the better choice for most homeowner situations. Homeowners should visit the professionals at United Home Experts to learn more about this amazing home siding option and to see how they can get it for their own homes. For more information on siding, visit our main siding page!

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When was the last time you went swimming or had a picnic at Dean Pond?  Before you complain that there’s nothing to do with the kids in Upton just remember the incredible hiking trails at Upton State Park, and then the great fishing /swimming / picnicking there at Dean Pond.  Sure you have to take a few dirt roads, but they’re well-maintained and besides – couldn’t your life use just a touch of adventure?

There was a time, not all that long ago, when all the roads in Upton were dirt.  Today, of course, things are a lot different.  Today Upton and it’s majestic homes are much better maintained than in the past and kept much more up to date.  And that includes the new home sidings designed to reduce utility bills by making homes more “green.”

Fortunately the homeowners of Upton are a demanding group when it comes to putting new siding on a ehome.  Homeowners here demand a low maintenance siding for one thing, and for another they insist on a siding that will last virtually forever.

And not just anyone can ride into town and claim to be a siding contractor in Upton.  Not by a long shot.  Homeowners here require a lot from anyone who claims to be an Upton siding contractor.  For starters any siding contractor in Upton must have a good local reputation.  That means someone who has sided hundreds of homes locally and who has a spotless record.

It also means a siding company which owns its own equipment – in other words, they don’t rent their equipment on a project by project basis – plus a company with tons of experience siding both tall buildings as well as siding in very tight, hard-to-reach places.

Homeowners also require a siding contractor who knows all the local building codes and local permits plus fsomeone who understands everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings and how to save the homeowner bundles of cash every month on their utility bills.

That’s a lot to ask for, but United Home Experts has every base covered.  United Home Experts has sided literally hundreds of homes here in Upton and they have tons of enthusiastic customers waiting in line to sing their praises.

The low maintenance siding that United Home Experts installs not only requires virtually no maintenance from the homeowner for years and years, but the siding itself lasts for virtually a lifetime; no homeowner here in Upton should ever have to worry about re-siding a home a second time if they use UHE.

And because United Home Experts has sided so many homes here in Upton, they know every building code and permit required and are happy to take care of all the paperwork.  They also own all of their own equipment and they are experts at siding both tall buildings and in working in small, cramped spaces.

No one knows Energy Star rating more thoroughly than United Home Experts.  Their siding options are designed gto make homes more “green” and to reduce energy bills to the lowest level possible – and the savings you’ll see on your heating and cooling costs continue adding up year after year.

Naturally you would expect to pay top dollar to get the best siding contractor in Upton – but that isn’t really true when you use United Home Experts.  These guys side more homes in this area that just about anyone else and their high volume allows them to keep their prices way down there.

Don’t take my word for any of this.  Call them yourself.  Ask as many questions as you want and find out just how affordable the best low maintenance siding in all of Upton really is. For more information about our siding services, please visit our main siding page!

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When was the last time you took the kids out to Tougas Family Farm down on Ball Street?  Maybe you’ve forgotten just how fun it can be for the little ones to romp around the barnyard playground and watch the goats climb their rock mountain?  Who knows what baby animals have been added to the farmyard since your last visit? Oh and how could we forget about the apple picking?

Tougas Family Farm is just one of the reasons Northborough is such a great town in which to bring up small children.  This town has a history and the people of this town have a great deal of pride in where they live.

In fact, the homeowners of Northborough have voluntarily decided that one way to keep this town looking its best 2is for each and every homeowner to keep his or her home looking its best.  That includes the siding on each home.  Old and shabby siding not only makes a neighborhood look uncared for, but it also means that the homeowner is losing possibly hundreds of dollars a year on their utility bills.

Keeping a home’s siding looking new pays off in many ways.  Of course, not just anyone can walk into town and claim to be a siding contractor in Northborough.  It’s not that easy.

First, any siding contractor in Northborough must install low maintenance siding that lasts virtually forever.  Homeowners here have better things to do with their time than keep their siding looking good – and no one wants to re-side a home more than once.

In order to be a siding contractor here locally a contractor must maintain his own equipment (not just rent it) and a contractor has to be experienced in working on both tall buildings as well as in working in small, cramped spaces.

It goes without saying that any siding contractor here in Northborough absolutely must have the best interests of 3the people of Northborough at heart and must have a spotless reputation as a sider.

Naturally local homeowners demand that anyone siding their home know virtually everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings and how they apply to siding.

That’s a lot to ask for, but homeowners here in Northborough deserve nothing less.  United Home Experts is one siding contractor who meets every one of the expectations of the homeowners of this area – and even more.

United Home Experts installs low maintenance siding that requires almost nothing in the way of maintenance for years and years.  Not only that, their siding lasts almost forever, meaning that no local homeowner should ever need to re-side a home again!

As far as having a great local reputation goes, United Home Experts has sided more homes in Northborough than 4just about any other company and they have a file cabinet overflowing with testimonials from happy homeowners.

UHE owns and maintains all of its own equipment – never rents equipment for just one job.  They are also experts when it comes to installing siding that has the highest Energy Star ratings you can find.  The siding that UHE installs is virtually guaranteed to reduce your utility bills – and not just for one month, but for years to come.

You may be thinking that if United Home Experts is this good that they must be too expensive for your budget.  Think again!  UHE sides so many homes here in Northborough that their sheer volume means that their prices are among the lowest.  UHE also hand-picks its installers and carefully trains each one.  That’s a far cry from the way some if their competitors hire their installers – from the back of a pick-up truck in a run-down parking lot.

When you call United Home Experts ask as many questions as you want – they are happy to answer your questions.  And find out for yourself just how affordable it can be to hire the #1 siding contractor in all of Northborough! For more information about our siding services, please visit our main siding page!

Choosing the right siding for a home can be a daunting task.  Siding comes in many materials, colors, styles and prices.  To make the decision easier, consider a material that offers it all.  Vinyl siding is one such product.  Vinyl is the most popular siding material for either homes under construction or existing homes in need of replacement siding.  Even historic home renovators choose vinyl siding because of its design flexibility.


Alside is a leading manufacturer and retailer of vinyl siding.  This company offers perhaps the one of widest range of vinyl siding products of any company producing and selling vinyl products for home building and renovation purposes.  The company prides itself on giving the homeowner ample style options suitable for their home’s architectural design, whether it be mid-century modern, contemporary or a grand Victorian design.

The company’s almost endless array of designs include horizontal and vertical siding types, traditional clapboard in wide or narrow panels, smooth or grainy wood finishes, and a wide variety of colors suitable for the historical, traditional and contemporary home styles.

Beside the fabulous style and color selections of Alside’s siding, it is so durable that it comes with a limited lifetimeVinylAlside warranty protecting the homeowner against manufacturing defects for the life of the siding.  During the siding’s extremely long life it will remain virtually maintenance-free.  Alside vinyl siding will never need painting or staining.  The siding will not rot, peel, chip or dent.  All the siding requires to keep looking fresh and new is an occasional wash-down with an ordinary garden hose.

If the homeowner is still in a quandary over which style of vinyl siding is most appropriate for their home, the team at United Home Experts, a local home improvement company, will be able to help them out with this.  Alside vinyl siding products will be able to furnish even the most perplexed homeowner with the company’s color and style guide to help them overcome this dilemma.

One excellent choice of local contractors for homeowners residing in the New England states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island or New Hampshire is the team at United Home Experts.  Our experienced home remodeling contractors are known for our product selections and expert installation of siding.  With the sage advice from people who know the home renovation business and the style offered by Alside, New England homeowners will be able to enhance the curb appeal, durability and value of their home.

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What makes Needham such a wonderful place to raise a family?  One thing is the annual Needham / Wellesley high school football game every Thanksgiving.  This is the longest running high school rivalry in the entire country – and it all started right here in Needham!  What would a Needham Thanksgiving be without the Needham / Wellesley game?

The Needham / Wellesley rivalry has been going on now for almost 125 years and many of the historic homes in Needham have been around a lot longer than that.  But a home doesn’t have to be that old to need a little tender loving care.  The people of Needham are proud of their high school, proud of their town and proud of their homes.

Making certain a home has the best siding possible is one way that homeowners here in Needham support their Dudley2community.  Of course, not just any siding will do.  Homeowners around here are extremely picky about the way their homes look and one of the things they demand from a siding contractor in Needham is a low maintenance siding.  And not just a low maintenance siding, but a siding that will last.  After all, no homeowner wants to go to all the trouble (and expense) of siding a home a second time.

That means local homeowners are looking for a siding contractor who has his own well-maintained equipment and a contractor who is expert on both tall buildings and knows how to work in extremely tight spaces as well.

Naturally the homeowners of Needham want a local contractor, someone who has sided hundreds of houses locally and someone who has the best interests of the community at heart.  And they demand a contractor with a spotless local rep.

Any contractor who has done that much work in Needham obviously would know local building codes and permit regulations backward and forward, and any contractor worth his salt would be totally conversant with every Energy Star rating and how they apply to low maintenance siding.

That’s a lot to ask for, but the homeowners of Needham have every right to expect all of that and more in any masticvinyl-resized-600contractor they choose to work on their home.  United Home Experts is by far the overwhelming choice of hundreds of Needham homeowners.  In fact, it is virtually impossible to look at Needham’s communities without finding at least one home or business that has been sided by United Home Experts.  They have sided more than 100 local homes and they have the enthusiastic customers to prove it.  They are more than happy to provide any homeowner with all the references they could want.

UHE owns all of its own equipment and they maintain their equipment meticulously.  They are experts at siding both tall buildings and in working in impossibly tight spaces.  No one has more experience than United Home Experts.

UHE is also tops when it comes to applying low maintenance siding that will last practically forever while at the same time providing one of the highest Energy Star ratings in the business.  UHE can almost guarantee that their new siding will save a homeowner a ton of money every month on their heating and cooling bills.  And remember, those savings go on for years.

The best usually costs more, but the best siding contractor here in Needham doesn’t necessarily cost more.  You see, United Home Experts sides more homes than just about anyone else and that kind of volume allows them to keep their prices low.  So when you call United Home Experts ask them about their low prices, ask about their low maintenance siding and ask about the monthly savings that you can expect on your utility bills once you choose the very best siding contractor in all of Needham. For more information about our siding services, please visit our main siding page!