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Out of all the thousands and thousands of towns all across this country, CNN and Money Magazine voted Framingham the 36th best place to live.  That’s an achievement to be proud of!  But that’s not Framingham’s only achievement of note.  Way back in 1775, at the very birth of our nation, Framingham proudly sent 130 fighters to join in the battles of Lexington and Concord to help propel our nation to freedom.

Today the homeowners of Framingham are just as proud of their enviable heritage as were those early patriots.  Blog-Photo09And today’s homeowners know that one of the reasons their town is still the envy of the country and the 36th best place to live and raise a family is because the town of Framingham still maintains its intrinsic charm.

One thing that helps the town maintain its beauty is the siding choices that Framingham homeowners have made.  Siding is one of the first things that anyone sees when they drive through Framingham’s gorgeous neighborhoods.

So what does it take to be a siding contractor in Framingham?  Besides gorgeous siding, homeowners demand a low maintenance siding.  They require a low maintenance siding that also lasts virtually forever.  After all, Framingham homeowners do not want to re-side a home a second time.

In order to provide a low maintenance siding that lasts almost forever, a siding company must have excellent InstallationCloseequipment and they must be experienced working on all types of buildings, from tall buildings to the tightest of spaces.

They also must be intimately familiar with all of Framingham’s building codes and permits.  It follows from that that they must be well-known locally and have an excellent local reputation.

Finally, they must know Energy Star ratings backwards and forwards.  They must know the right siding to help local homeowners save on utility bills month after month, year after year, long after their new siding has been put in place.

Those are large shoes to fill, but one local company fills them nicely.  United Home Experts has probably sided more homes here in Framingham than any other siding company and their low maintenance siding keeps homes looking brand new for years and years.  In fact, it is almost impossible to drive through even one of Framingham’s historic neighborhoods without finding at least one or two homes that have been sided by United Home Experts.

And because they have worked on so many homes, apartments and commercial buildings here in Framingham, cornerthey can recite every local code in their sleep and they know every permit backward and forward. They will see to it that all the proper paperwork is filed.

When it comes to Energy Star ratings no one is better versed than the siding professionals at United Home Experts.  New UHE siding almost invariably results in lower energy bills in both Summer as well as Winter, for years to come.

UHE has all of its own equipment, carefully maintained.  They are experts in both tall building siding as well as in working in small, cramped spaces.  They have seen it all – and they can do it all.

One last point.  The quality of the workers who install UHE siding can’t be beat.  United Home Experts’ siding installers have been with the company for years, each one individually trained.  Compare that with many other local siding contractors who hire their installers for a day or two from a local parking lot.  Is that really the kind of people you want working on your home?

It takes a lot to be the best siding contractor in Framingham, MA, and there is a good reason why United Home Experts holds that enviable position.  Why not give them a call today and find out for yourself why they are the go-to siding experts here in Framingham. For information about our siding services, visit our main siding page!

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