Problems with Fiber Cement Siding


Homeowners have a myriad of options for the siding they install on their homes. There are currently many alternatives to traditional vinyl siding on the market today; many companies in the siding industry now create new and innovative kinds of siding in an effort to find the right formula to keep out the elements and still maintain a clean appearance. More companies are now manufacturing fiber cement siding, a material that falls into a category of siding called cladded siding. Cladding is silica-based siding material mixed with other materials such as cement and wood particles.

What is fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement cladding is now becoming more popular with homeowners. One of the advantages of fiber cement is its strong structural integrity. This type of siding does a great job of protecting houses from the elements because it is partly made up of cement, a solid and structurally sound material. However, there are still problems with fiber cement siding that can occur. Homeowners can end up dealing with rotting fiber cement among other problems due to improper installation. For this reason, homeowners should do their research to end up working with high quality materials and an experienced contractor.

What problems can a homeowner expect with fiber cement cladding?FiberCement-BlogPhoto21-resized-600

Fiber cement siding is known to be difficult to install properly. Warranties from the material manufacturer are only valid if installation is done exactly in accordance with its installation specifications. This means that if an inexperienced or untrained contractor incorrectly installs siding, the homeowner will end up needing to pay the high cost of repairs.

The number one problem associated with fiber cement siding involves moisture seeping into cracks and being absorbed by the wood particles in the fiber cement material, which can cause substantial damage. If contractors fail to install water barriers between the plywood and siding, moisture can get between the siding and plywood, which can then cause the plywood to rot and mold. It can also cause paint to peel and crumble, which leaves unsightly gray spots.

Should a homeowner seek professionals for installation of this siding type?

Professionalism and expertise are crucial factors when it comes to finding the right contractor. Homeowners all over Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire have been trusting United Home Experts with their home improvement needs for years. United Home Experts has the experience and training necessary to ensure a precise and complete siding job from start to finish. The company is also happy to put customers in touch with references who can speak to the high quality work of United Home Experts.

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