Fiber Cement Siding Issues: Paint Peeling


The siding industry for houses is an ever-expanding one thanks to a growing number of manufacturers developing new materials for the job. While vinyl siding remains the most popular option for its cost-efficiency, durability, and versatility, more homeowners are now turning to fiber cement siding for their siding needs. This material, also called cladding, is made up of a mixture of vinyl-based siding material with cement and wood particles.

Important Qualities of Fiber Cement Cladding

The appeal of fiber cement cladding lies in its exceptional structural integrity due to the material’s high cement content. It has a reputation for performing well in all types of weather and for resisting common siding problems such as insects, weather, and rot. However, fiber cement cladding can be susceptible to problems such as rot and mold, which occur when moisture enters exposed areas of cladding. This can lead to the siding swelling and crumbling, which ultimately leads to paint peeling. Peeling paint remains one of the most common and visibly unappealing problems that can arise when it comes to fiber siding cladding.

Peeling Paint and Fiber Cement CladdingFiberCement-BlogPhoto03

Peeling paint is a result of improper installation of fiber cement cladding. Installing fiber cement cladding is known to be tricky to install, which has led manufacturers of the material to produce longer and longer manuals detailing how to do it properly. While it is helpful for installers to have so much information — sometimes over 150 pages worth — at hand, it also leaves more room for error, as it becomes more difficult for installers to comply with so many standards. If contractors fail to install the fiber cement cladding in compliance with the manufacturer’s standards, homeowners lose their warranties, leaving them with high repair costs.

When the paint of fiber cement cladding peels, it often occurs in areas where moisture can collect or splash back, such as under windows and near roofs. This can cause paint to peel prematurely. Fiber cement cladding is not colored, so when the paint on it peels off, it leaves unsightly gray spots that can stand out, especially in contrast to a bright or dark paint color.

Avoiding Potentially Steep Maintenance Costs

With so much room for error when it comes to fiber cement cladding, homeowners need contractors they can trust. United Home Experts has been offering homeowners in Massachusetts and beyond professional and reliable service necessary for the toughest construction jobs, including installing fiber cement siding. Years of experience and a commitment to high quality service make United Home Experts a solid option for homeowners..

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