Fiber Cement Siding for Your Home


Concrete siding is a great choice as a replacement for the siding on a home. This product is superior to vinyl and will hold up well in all weather conditions. If new siding is needed for a home, then look for a fiber cement siding installation contractor to complete the work. Contact us today to receive a personal consultation. We will discuss the advantages of fiber cement siding and provide an answer to any of questions about the installation process.


Fiber cement siding is made to look like wood without any of the drawbacks. The material is offered in a variety of colors and textures. One advantage of installing fiber cement siding on a home is that it has resistance to fire and salt. The product is also not affected by the cold and does not fade, warp, or buckle.


A customer has the option to choose a product that has been sealed and primed at the factory. Choosing a product that has not been pre-finished means that it needs to be prepared before it is installed. This is a preferable option if the homeowner desires a special color on their siding. On the other hand, priming and sealing of the product prevents penetration of moisture after installation. In such cases, homeowners are advised to ask about color choices available for the product.


The cost of fiber cement siding is comparable to vinyl siding and is cheaper than other siding options available for the home. This product is cheaper than natural stone, cedar siding, and other wood siding installed on typical homes. Homeowners can ask experts to compare the cost of fiber cement siding with other siding options to learn about the cost savings involved with this particular type.


Fiber cement siding is easy for homeowners to maintain. Dirt and debris that accumulate over time are easily cleaned with the use of a power washer. Caulking used on joints and around the windows may harden and need to be replaced and, as such, should be inspected each year for any deterioration. Repainting may be necessary within 7 to 15 years of installation.


Special tools are used for fiber cement siding installation. All cutting is done outdoors away from other people and pets, as this process will create a lot of dust. All workers wear face masks when the product is being cut.

Additional Information

We at United Home Experts have many years of experience installing fiber cement siding in the New England area and are the most experienced. Contact us by phone or through the email form on our website or for more information about our siding services, visit our main siding page!

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