Algae Stains on Fiber Cement (Concrete) Siding

Though concrete siding is very durable and requires less maintenance than other home siding options, it mayfibercement-blogphoto33-resized-600 grow algae over time, particularly in rainy climates.  Effectively removing algae from concrete siding may require the use of a pressure washer.  United Home Experts has the experience with pressure washing to remove algae from concrete siding to leave one’s home looking renewed.

Algae are self-feeding organisms that use the energy from the sun to fuel their growth, though they tend to thrive in shaded areas.  Algae are very common on homes in the Northeast due to frequent rain. They may leave parts of concrete siding with unattractive green or black splotches.

It is recommended that a homeowner hire professionals to pressure wash a home to avoid damaging it or suffering injuries due to inexperience with the machine.  Because power washers may deliver water at up to 2,000 psi (pounds per square inch), they can cause serious injury, and even death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  In particular, children, who may treat the equipment as a toy, may be harmed if allowed access to it around the home.

Power washers have been known to cause blindness due to the force of the water when aimed toward the eyes, which is why it is recommended to wear protective glasses or goggles when using the machine.  The chemicals used with the pressure washer may also pose a hazard to those not accustomed to using the machine if the chemicals are to reach the eyes or the skin.

Many homeowners accidentally damage their siding by not adjusting the power properly or by using an incorrect angle for spraying.  Such mistakes may also allow the water to reach into the walls, which can damage them and leave them more easily penetrated by rain and moisture, causing rot and mold to develop.  The correct distance from the home when spraying and proper motion are also needed for effective removal of the algae.   FiberCement-BlogPhoto21-resized-600

Removing algae, mold, and other foreign particles from the concrete siding is essential for homeowners who prefer stained concrete siding, which appears more like real wood.  The grains of the siding are more visible when the foreign particles are removed, giving the stained concrete siding a more professional, finished look.

Whether to remove unsightly algae from concrete or other siding, or to stain concrete siding that has just been thoroughly cleaned with a pressure washer, United Home Experts will do the job in a safe, professional, and cost-effective manner.

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