Removing Asbestos Siding

In the not-so-olden days, asbestos was found in everything from roofing materials to insulation to siding. In the Asbestos-GuyCutpast 20 years or so, asbestos has slowly been disappearing from old homes and buildings. Gradually, people began to realize that although asbestos materials provided great insulation and was inexpensive to install, the health risks were not worth it.

What happens when a homeowner decides their siding needs an upgrade, only to discover the outdated siding contains asbestos? Some homeowners undertake the removal themselves, while others contact a professional to help with safe removal and disposal. Many considerations lead to the decision of having the asbestos removed professionally, the most important being that it is dangerous to attempt removal alone.

Dangerous Nature of Asbestos Siding

Asbestos particles break down with heat and exposure to the elements. Installing or removing siding with asbestos also breaks down molecule particles, releasing dangerous particles. Inhaling these elements damages lungs and passageways. Long-term exposure to asbestos materials can create long-term chronic lung issues. Immediate removal of these materials is very important.

Expensive Removal Equipment

Proper removal of siding with asbestos particles demands special equipment and cleanup of the equipment afterward. Overalls and protective gloves are worn by workers, with the clothing often being disposable. Workers also use respirators to ensure that the asbestos particles remain in the air and not in their lungs. The professionals removing the siding will also need marked bags for storage of the removed siding and insulation.

Specific Removal Techniques

Workers remove siding with asbestos as quickly and efficiently as possible. Mostly intact siding boards reduce the risk of hazardous materials being released into the environment. In addition, siding surfaces and the surrounding area will need to be cleaned to decontaminate the area from any remaining particles that might still be in the air or on surfaces.

Proper Disposal

As mentioned previously, properly marked hazardous material bags will be used for asbestos-related waste removal. These bags should be visibly marked as having dangerous asbestos materials. The bags and materials can not be disposed of in just any landfill, but must be disposed of in specific landfills marked for hazardous materials and waste.

Finding the Right Siding Company

Asbestos continuously releases dangerous dust, so the quicker it is removed the better. However, it is always best to contact a professional for asbestos siding removal. Homeowners in the Massachusetts area can contact United Home Experts, who are leaders in siding replacement and installation. Their professionals will be happy to survey the property and give an estimate for removal of dangerous siding material and replace it with new siding. Homeowners who opt for a professional can rest assured that their home and family are in good hands.


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