What is Cement Board Siding?

Homeowners want the best for their houses, including the perfect siding option. The right siding adds to a home’s market value and helps in keeping upkeep to a minimum. A great choice but often-overlooked siding material is cement board.

What is Cement Siding?

This type of siding is made of cement, sand, fly ash and cellulose fibers. The fibers, made of wood, help to hold the siding materials together. This is the only type of house siding that contains cement material.

Types of Cement Siding

Cement boards are sold in mostly horizontal boards, however cement board sheets can be purchased for a varying siding look. Board sheets are often used for commercial purposes. Another option is shingles, however they are more difficult to apply.  Lap siding proves to be the most popular type, with boards measuring from 5 to 12 inches, creating an overlapping effect. If looking for the most highly recommended siding, fiber cement is the best option due to the pressure process used in making it. Cement sidings are sold in varying thicknesses, with the thinner having a rougher edge, but being easier to apply due to less weight. Most manufacturers sell the boards in as many as 22 various colors.


With different types and varying colors, cement siding provides variety for a homeowner. Due to its cement content, fire tests prove this type of siding to be the most fire-resistant. Although any material will burn, this type of siding is slow burning and allows a home’s residents time to put the fire out to get out safely. Cement siding also offers some of the best bug resistance, thus reducing the cost for expensive home exterminators for outside pests. This type of siding resembles wood, so those wanting a wood finish might prefer cement siding. Another benefit of this type of siding option is the fact that it can be painted. If 22 colors are not enough, homeowners have the option of painting the siding. Due to its thickness, cement is long-lasting and sturdy.


Many people find this type of siding difficult to apply. It is heavier than most, often requiring 2 people to place the siding. If not handled properly, pieces of the cement siding may break off. This siding costs more than most siding to apply, so may not be a wise option for those on a budget. If the siding is applied professionally, homeowners might find it to cost more due to the difficulty of application.

To see how much siding costs to install on your home, check out SidingMagazine.com’s Siding Calculator to get rough estimates online.

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