Fiber Cement Siding: The Siding of Choice in Mass, Rhode Island, & New Hampshire

yellow house smallIn the past ten years fiber cement siding has made leaps and bounds in the residential remodeling and new construction markets in  New England. Market share for the siding is approaching 10% according to manufacturers and  the Portland Cement Association. This may not seem like a large share but given the fact that the  siding product was virtually unknown in New England just ten years ago, the progress is  significant.
Companies like Certainteed® and GAF® are providers of Fiber cement. Although some people are hesitant to use fiber cement siding because of a perceived short track record within the U.S. The product has actually been used in the U.S for close to 30 years and versions of the siding (some containing asbestos) actually date back almost 100 years.  But don’t worry, fiber cement no longer contains harmful materials.  It’s mostly made of portland cement and cellulose fibers.
Although no siding product is perfect, fiber cement seems to offer homeowners in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire the beauty of wood they desire without all of the maintenance.  The proof is that there are 1000’s of houses in New England that have fiber cement.  You’ll find the product on very high-end homes in communities like Newton, Weston, Wayland, Brighton, Hull,  Newport, East Providence, Nashua NH, and many more.

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