Integrity from Marvin Windows vs Harvey Windows

This article will take a look into two different products, Marvin Integrity and Harvey windows. Integrity windows integrity_logo_205_90feature a selection of fiberglass windows with fiberglass frames, while Harvey Industries windows offer insulating windows in wood or vinyl.

Window Types

Harvey Industries offers 5 different types of windows, including vinyl, wood, impact, acoustic, and storm. The impact windows were designed to hold up against rigorous coastal conditions such as wind, rain, and other debris. Acoustic windows were created to reduce traffic noise and are thus suitable for those living in the city or near a highway. The acoustic windows help to filter out the sound from aircraft, trains, and cars, as well as provide heating and cooling cost savings.

Customers also have the option to choose between some added options screens on their windows, which provide 50% more visibility than standard fiberglass screens as well as improved airflow into the home.wood-ultrex-image2

Integrity offers 7 different types of window frame styles, all illustrated clearly on the company’s website. These types include polygon windows, round windows, single windows, double windows, casement and awning windows, glider windows, and bay windows. This large selection guarantees that customers will be able to find the right fit for them.

Integrity window frames are made up of Ultrex fiberglass. Ultrex fiberglass is the key element used in making Integrity windows. Ultrex is 8x stronger than vinyl, it’s durable, weather resistant, and beautiful.  Integrity windows are available in either “All-Ultrex” meaning fiberglass inside and out, or “Wood-Ultrex” meaning fiberglass on the outside with hand crafted wood on the inside.  This series combines the strength of a fiberglass material with the traditional look of a handcrafted wood frame. The strength of fiberglass means the window frames can be thinner giving the homeowner more glass space and visibility in each window opening.

Homeowners will find that there is a large selection from both companies, which gives them the flexibility to explore all their options and find the perfect windows for their home.


Harvey Industries maintains a website that is relatively easy to navigate. However, many of the options have to be individually searched for, and the windows types are not distinctly separated on the website. In addition, the website provides comprehensive information on the manufacturer’s warranties on paint and other components.

Integrity offers a full resource library with each of its products, detailing specific measures and other important information. These details are all on PDF files that can be downloaded at any time from the Integrity website.

Buyers can make use of both company’s resources before making a decision. Both companies have a comprehensive online presence, allowing for homeowners to make a selection that they are comfortable with and are informed about.

In summary, one might choose Harvey windows specifically for noise reduction or resistance to damage from coastal weather, but in our experience Integrity windows are superior in beauty, strength, and sleekness (glass space).

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