A Lasting Choice: Fiber Cement

There are many different types of siding to consider for home exteriors. There are certain types of siding that arefibercement-blogphoto33-resized-600 more suitable to certain locations and weather conditions than others. Some may offer variety, customization, and colors. Others will offer strength and durability. All are good choices, and it is hard to go wrong when making a selection for the home. However, it ultimately comes down to homeowner preference.

Fiber cement board siding is a type of ready-made siding that is created from a mixture of materials. These fiber cement panels are usually made up of sand and cellulose (wood pulp) fibers. New Englanders will appreciate that this type of siding because it is very durable against the sea salt air near the coastline. It has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, hail, and hurricane level storms for years on end. Not only will the siding protect against the elements, but it will stand up against cold climates as well. This material is also not flammable, like wood siding would be. It is made up of more than 90% inflammable materials. The siding is ultraviolet resistant and offers more insulation to a home than other siding choices would.

Another one of the benefits of fiber cement siding is its versatility. It can replicate the looks of several other siding options, such as wood planks or wood shingles. For homeowners that crave the traditional look of wood siding, fiber cement siding is a good option that also provides some additional advantages to outdated wood siding. The siding can also be painted in a variety of colors. Fiber cement panels require very little maintenance, making them a very economical choice. The paint job on most panels will last around 10-15 years before a repainting is needed. This is because the panels are painted using a pigment technology that allows the pigment to resist fading and wearing. This keeps the maintenance cost for repainting homes low, and it can also bring the resale value of a house up. Fiber cement is also completely protected from insects and rotting. The planks have no seams that overlap each other, and that eliminates the chance of mold and mildew even appearing.fibercementweatherboards-resized-600

Homeowners who are searching for the right siding will find that the United Home Experts are the ideal people to contact. As leaders in the industry, our members have many years of experience and knowledge to assist their customers. The experts at United Home Experts understand that each homeowner has their own individual needs, and will offer warranties on all contracted work. When homeowners call for a quote or consultation, they will be provided with all the necessary information pertaining to their inquiry, as well as specific numbers for specific circumstances, much more than a rough estimate.

These estimates are provided at absolutely no charge, and our experts will work alongside the homeowner to choose the right siding and color options that suits their home. This company understands the importance of a homeowner’s investment and will work to not only suggest the best choices for the value of the home, but the family as well.

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