Rotting Fiber Cement

Homeowners today have all kinds of options when it comes to installing siding on their homes. Many companies fibercement-blogphoto33-resized-600in the siding industry have made efforts to employ innovative new technologies to produce new siding products that both look good and keep out the elements; this has enabled customers to choose from many alternatives to traditional vinyl siding. More and more companies are now in the business of creating and installing fiber cement siding. This material falls into a category called cladded siding. Cladding is vinyl-based siding material mixed with other materials  –  in this case, cement and often wood-based materials as well.

While vinyl siding has long been the most popular type of siding on the market because of its affordable price and clean look, fiber cement cladding is now rapidly gaining ground among homeowners. One of the major strengths of fiber cement cladding is its structural integrity. Because it is partly made up of cement, a solid and structurally sound material, this type of siding does a great job of protecting houses from the elements. This and other benefits are leading more and more homeowners to choose fiber cement cladding for their homes. However, even fiber cement cladding has its downfalls: homeowners can end up needing to deal with rotting fiber cement due to improper installation. This is why it is extremely important for homeowners to do their research and go with a trusted and experienced contractor for the job as well as a brand of siding with a solid reputation.

Because of its unique makeup, fiber cement cladding is typically resistant to common threats such as harsh FiberCement-BlogPhoto21-resized-600weather, insects and rot. Trouble arises when the siding is not installed correctly, leaving cracks or openings vulnerable to damage from moisture. A common mistake that inexperienced contractors make is neglecting to install water barriers between the plywood and siding. When this happens, moisture enters and gets between the siding and plywood, which can then cause the plywood to rot and mold. Another important process when installing fiber cement cladding is to generously apply caulk or felt paper strips to all joints on the home. This process will further prevent moisture and leakage from occurring and will protect the fiber cement. When rotting does occur, the damage can be disastrous in the long run and can end up costing homeowners dearly down the line.

For these reasons, it is crucial that homeowners choose contractors and equipment carefully. First, homeowners should do their own research on siding installation and apply that knowledge to their own home. Second, they should compare the strengths and weaknesses of competing fiber cement siding companies and take all factors into account such as total cost and time required for the job. It is recommended that homeowners request references from potential contractors to talk to real satisfied past customers. After all of this information is gathered and weighed, they will be better prepared to make an informed decision and avoid the pitfalls of a faulty fiber cement cladding installation job.

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