Need a Roof Replacement?

Replacing a roof is a major undertaking, but when leaks develop or when a new look is called for, then virtually no improvement to a home beats the long-term value of a roof replacement.  This is especially true here in the northeast, where wind-driven rain and ice dams can cause havoc with even the best roofs.

When it comes to a new roof there are actually two components to consider: the quality of the installers and the quality of the materials being installed.  If possible, demand your roof replacement be done by a quality company that not only offers quality products but insured, licensed and will be there for you after the replacement takes place.

Leak Protection Barrier

All roofs in the northeast are required by law to have a leak protection barrier installed underneath the shingles or other actual roofing material.  Unfortunately, not all leak protection barriers are created equal.  Many inferior brands are sold, and even with the services of the best in town, results can be disastrous due to the inferior leak protection barrier.

Consider quality brands, like Owens Corning, which provide a true protection barrier.

Once the leak protection barrier is laid down by competent roofing specialists, the actual roofing material itself comes next.  Choices include shingles, tile, and shake.

Roof Shingles

In the harsh conditions of the northeast, it is vital to choose the very best roofing protection possible.  Asphalt shingles provide one of the best roofing protection choices in the region for several reasons.  Durability and long-term protection against wind, rain, ice and snow, and the harsh summer sun are the main reasons most homeowners choose shingle roofing.  Shingle roofing also comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to enhance virtually any home.


If a home is to be re-roofed with shingles, it is vital that only the best quality shingles be used for quality and durability.  This can be determined by comparing the warranties available from different installers for materials manufactured by a range of companies.  Owens Corning, for example, provides some of the longest warranties on shingles in the industry.

Shingles come in different grades, or thicknesses, to match any budget.  Obviously, the thicker the shingle, the more protection it will offer and the more expensive it will be.  Homeowners are encouraged to choose the highest-grade shingle that their budget will permit.

Qualified Roof Installers

Once the grade, color, and pattern of the shingle has been determined, the next step is choosing the right company to install the new roof.  Several factors should be considered when choosing a company to install a new roof.

While it is certainly advisable to get referrals from neighbors and local businesses, it is important that due diligence be performed on any company before it is hired.  The amount of time that a company has been roofing homes in a given area is an indication of the company’s reliability and service; a company which performs shoddy work or uses substandard materials will not survive long in a competitive environment such as roof replacement.

Check reputable third-party references as well like local Better Business Bureau.  Many fly-by-night roofing companies will come into an area, advertise heavily for a few weeks, pluck as many pigeons as they can, and as the saying goes, “before they disappear into the night, never to be heard from again.” Do not be taken in by such companies.

For total peace of mind, only choose companies with a well-established track record in the northeast.  In business since 1997, United Home Experts brings decades of experience and uses only top quality products with lifetime replacement warranties (that even include the cost of labor!). As you can imagine, a company will not offer a lifetime warranty unless they expect a product to last a lifetime.

Obviously, many factors must be considered when a roof replacement is needed.  Time, care, good quality materials, price and attention to detail are all things that the homeowner must take into account for value received.


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