The Durability of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is an exterior home option that offers homeowners a durable and attractive home siding. Homeowners looking to replace their existing siding or needing to add siding to their home for the first time should consider using this option.

Fiber cement is extremely durable and long-lasting. Fiber cement is formed through autoclaving, which bonds materials such as cement, sand and cellulose together using extreme steaming. Fiber cement is one of the most resistant and durable siding options for a home. This siding is insect resistant, fire resistant with a Class 1 (A) fire rating, and resistant to moisture. FiberCement-BlogPhoto03

Although fiber cement is very durable, part of its make up are wood fibers, which in fact absorb water leading to some of the same issues that wood siding has.

The issues that fiber cement has are typically swelling, crumbling,delamination between layers, and loss of paint adhesion. This is a situation where the positives of the product may outweigh the negatives depending on homeowners’ preference or needs.

Despite the problems, fiber cement siding is also a very attractive alternative to traditional home exterior options. The finish for this type of siding is applied by the manufacturer or factory, and does not require painting, staining or finishing by the homeowner. The finishing options are numerous including a wide range of color options. As well, this type of siding can come with other finishes to give it the appearance of stucco, conventional siding, shingles and wood grain. Homeowners have a vast selection of appearance and color options when selecting fiber cement.

Fiber cement is also an economical choice for a homeowner. Due to its durability, it requires very minimal FiberCement-BlogPhoto34maintenance. As well, due to the durability and longevity of the finish the time between the next paint job on fiber cement will be 10-15 years. This siding is ultraviolet resistant as well. It also adds additional insulation to a home over other exterior covering options. Fiber cement siding cost and maintenance costs remain low due to its ability to withstand nature and its limited required maintenance.

Fiber cement home exterior siding offers homeowners an option that is extremely durable and hearty. As well, this siding is flexible in that homeowners have numerous appearance options to allow them to select the appearance that works best for their aesthetic. Fiber cement is also easily maintainable and carries low maintenance costs and low requirement for repair and upkeep. Overall, fiber cement is an excellent siding option for homeowners.

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