What % of Insurance Claims Are From Hail, Ice Dams, & Wind?

roof_knowledge_09Commission wind, hail and ice add up to about 32% of the insurance claims made by    homeowners.  This number is especially staggering since many sections of the U.S. don’t    see frequent hail storms, and other sections don’t have climates that produce ice dams.      Add another 14.3% for water damage and it’s clear that a majority of home insurance        claims are caused by weather and climate factors.



Property Peril
Fire 33.1%
Wind Damage 18.3%
Water Damage 14.3%
Hail Damage 11.6%
Theft 3.6%
Freezing 2.0%
Lightning 2.0%
Other Property Losses 9.6%

The most commonly damaged areas of homes are the roof, siding, foundation, windows, and gutters.  As you would expect the exterior shell of your home is the first layer of protection against the elements.  When the strength of Mother Nature overpowers the durability of your home everyone loses.  You have to pay expensive insurance premiums and rarely get the proper amount of coverage to restore your home to proper working condition.

It’s more important then ever to have the following:

A properly functioning roofing system with hurricane force wind nailing, sufficient amounts of ice and water shield and flashing, and high grade shingles properly installed.

Well maintained and properly installed siding that is wind resistant and durable enough to take the impact of flying debris.

Windows that have a high DP rating, meaning they can withstand the force of high winds and the impact of debris.

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