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Few other towns have a more colorful or poignant history than Sudbury, so it is no wonder that many homeowners here take great pride when it comes to remodeling their homes.  Whether a home is an historic monument or whether it has just recently been built, each and every Sudbury home is a reflection of the history and the glory that is Sudbury.

That even extends to a new roof.  A roof is one of the first things that a person sees when looking at Sudbury’s homes, and a roof should reflect the pride of the town’s past.

Probably the first thing that any homeowner looks for in a new roof is durability.  In other words, a roof with a ctr00prepdnlr0001mlifetime guarantee – including labor – so the homeowner will never have to even think about the roof again.  After all, no homeowner wants the aggravation and the expense of roofing a home a second time.

Naturally, the only way a roofer in Sudbury can warrant a roof for a lifetime is by using the very best top-of-the-line shingles, flashing and water barrier made by the world-famous Certainteed Corporation.  Nothing less will do.

Homeowners here in Sudbury also demand a roofing contractor with deep roots in this community, a contractor who truly cares about the people and the homes of Sudbury.  They want a contractor who can point with pride to dozens if not hundreds of homes he has roofed with homeowners who are happy to tell any interested homeowner about the wonderful job the contractor performed.

Finding such a contractor may seem like an impossible task, but the search is actually quite simple.  United Home certainteedrooflandmarkseriExperts is probably the only contractor in Sudbury who meets all the demands of local homeowners.

United Home Experts is one of the few roofing contractors which offers a life-time warranty on a new roof, including labor.  They can do this because they only use the highest-grade flashing, water barriers and shingles from America’s number one roofing supply company, Certainteed.

They also have the best roof installers in the industry.  Many roofing contractors hire their installers as they need them as day laborers.  They pick them up at the local home center parking lot.  Is that the kind of workers you want roofing your home?  United Home Experts never hires day laborers.  Their expert installers have years of experience and have worked for the company for years.  This is another of the reasons UHE can offer such an unheard-of limited life-time warranty on their roofs.

United Home Experts has been roofing homes in the Sudbury area for many years.  In fact, it is almost impossible to drive down any neighborhood in Sudbury without finding at least one home with a UHE roof.  United Home Experts has a whole file cabinet of former clients who are ready and willing to sing UHE’s praises to any homeowner considering a new roof.

What about price?  Normally hiring the top roofing contractor in Sudbury might seem like a pricey thing to do, but that is not necessarily true.  UHE is one of the largest roofing contractors in the Northeast and they buy roofing supplies by the truck-load, at deeply discounted prices.  United Home Experts then passes their savings on to the people of Sudbury.  So give United Home Experts a call.  Talk to the friendly and knowledgeable people who have roofed more homes in this community than virtually anyone else, and discover for yourself just how affordable a new roof can be. For information about our roofing services, visit our main roofing page!

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