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Small towns like Sherborn are wonderful places, especially around the 4th of July.  Here in Sherborn the local Fire and Rescue sponsors the yearly July 4th celebration down at Laurel Field off Main Street.  Kids are more than welcome to take part in the annual foot races and greased pole contest and to ride on the fire truck – and no one would dare miss the town-wide BBQ in September.

There is a lot to be proud of in Sherborn.  One of the things which most residents are most proud of is the history and sense of community that this town feels.  That even extends to the roofs on both residential homes as well as businesses.

A roof is one of the first things a person notices about a home or a business.  If the roof looks out of place – if it silverbirchlooks wrong – then the entire building seems misplaced.  That is why homeowners here in Sherborn care about putting only the best and the best-looking roof on their home.  So what exactly defines the best roofer in Sherborn?

Perhaps the first criteria is a roof that never needs replacing.  After all, what homeowner wants to spend the time, the money and suffer the aggravation of ever installing a new roof in the future?

In order to offer a lifetime guarantee a roofer in Sherborn would have to use only the highest quality shingles, flashing and water seal from the Certainteed Corporation, the number one roofing supply manufacturer in this part of the country.

Then there is the question of insulation.  With the rising cost of heating the air conditioning homeowners need to certainteedrooflandmarkseriworry about the Energy Star ratings of their roofs.

Finally, a roofer in Sherborn must have a stake in this community so that it matters what the people of this town think about the work being performed.  In other words, a roofing contractor here in Sherborn needs to have roofed many buildings in and around town and have a lot of very happy and satisfied customers.

Can such a roofer exist?  One does.  United Home Experts.  UHE has been roofing homes here in Sherborn for years.  It is difficult to drive down any street in town without seeing several roofs that United Home Experts have installed.  The company is happy to provide as many local references as a homeowner wishes to attest to the quality, speed and price of a new roof.

And United Home Experts is one of the few roofing contractors anywhere which offers a lifetime guarantee on its certainteedlogo150dpik-resized-600 (1)roofs; talk to one of the roofing experts at UHE for full details.  Naturally UHE only uses the highest quality shingles, flashing and moisture protection barriers from the world-famous Certainteed Corporation.  Using the best-quality materials also guarantees the highest Energy Star ratings and the largest savings for homeowners on utility bills.  And keep in mind that those savings continue adding up month after month, year after year.

And there’s one more thing.  Most roofing contractors hire their help as they need them from a local parking lot in the form of day laborers.  Not United Home Experts.  UHE’s workers have all gone through a rigorous training process and most of them have been with the company for many years.

Some homeowners think that using the best roofing contractor in Sherborn would be expensive, but the truth of the matter is, UHE, being one of the largest roofers in the entire Northeast, buys all of its supplies in bulk at a deep discount and then passes those savings on to its customers, so this is one instance where having the very best does not cost much, if anything, more. For more information about our roofs and services, visit our main roofing page!

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