Which Type of Roof is Best For You?

When considering the replacement of a roof, homeowners should take a look at different types of roofs and how they fit within the needs and desires of the homeowner before making a final decision. Whether working with a limited budget, looking for an eco-friendly choice, or just wanting to add character to a home, there are many choices available to suit a homeowner’s needs.

1. Asphalt Composition ShinglesAshland Gilman

For those with a budget in mind, asphalt composition shingles may be the best roof for them. The shingles are made of paper fiber mat or fiberglass and are mixed with asphalt and covered in tiny mineral bits. Asphalt shingles are purchased by about 80% of all homeowners. Unfortunately, asphalt shingles are a petroleum product, making them a less eco-friendly choice. Though asphalt shingles can be recycled, many times they are simply taken to the landfill. Durability for asphalt shingles is not great, particularly in hot climates. Most roofs will need replacing between the 15- and 20-year mark.

2. Wood ShinglesWood-Roof-resized-600

Wood shingles are a moderate choice in terms of affordability and run around the same price as metal shingles.  Only downfall is that they are very expensive in comparison to asphalt. Rot-resistant wood such as cedar is used to make these shingles. Wood shingles are an attractive, natural, and eco-friendly choice. Unless treated, wood shingles have low resistance to fire but excellent wind resistance. Wood roofs last roughly 15 to 25 years.

3. Clay Tile

Clay tiles are heavy but durable and last well over 50 years. However, homeowners will pay a premium for these gorgeous, character-filled roof toppers. Made from natural materials, clay tiles are eco-friendly and require little to no maintenance. Clay tiles are fine to use with moderate to steep slope roofs and are extremely fire resistant. Unfortunately, resistance to wind is somewhat low.

4. Slate

A slate roof is a primo choice in every way. The cost is quite steep—$1,000 to $2,000 per square—and require specially trained workers for installment. The payoff, however, is in length of life. These roofs are the oldest known form of roofing and will last practically forever. They are made from completely natural materials, making them eco-friendly. In addition, slate roofs have the highest level of resistance to wind and fire. Due to the weighty nature of these types of roofs, a reinforced structure is required to support them.

Choosing a new roof for one’s home is a big decision. It is important to consider style and needs, but equally important is choosing a good company to complete the installation. Many roofing contractors are notorious for poor service or running off with deposits. As a result, it is important to choose a trusted company with an established reputation.  United Home Experts is a highly recommended company that offers quality roof installation and friendly service. United Home Experts can offer homeowners affordable estimates to suit the needs of any budget.

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