Explore the Benefits Roof Shingles and Coatings Can Offer

Living in the northeast part of the U.S. means dealing with extreme weather conditions throughout the year.  Wicked northeastern storms, hurricanes, and snowstorms expose roofs to year-round abuse by Mother Nature. Homeowners need effective strategies to help keep their roofs intact and their property safe. United Home Experts can help with advice on roof shingles and roof coatings.


Shingles serve several purposes in the roof structure. The main purpose is to divert water and reroute it to run off away from the home. Shingles also protect the surfaces of the roof underneath the shingles. When combined with the other layers of the roof they form a waterproof barrier. They can also provide heat resistance, which can help save money on utility costs. Choosing a high quality shingle that meets the needs of the home can be a daunting process.There is a wide range of materials from traditional asphalt to new eco-friendly products. There are so many makes and manufacturers that a homeowner needs a knowledgeable guide to navigate the selection process. The staff members at United Home Experts have the experience to help homeowners decide on the right shingles for their home. They can offer advice and choices for functionality, styling, warranty, and installation decisions. As well, the company resides in Massachusetts, so they understand the needs of Northeastern homes.

Roof Coatings

Roof coatings can provide the opportunity to add desirable properties to an existing or a new roof. Stone-coated metal roof shingles are an expensive alternative to traditional asphalt for Northeastern homes. This material is resistant to extreme weather such as heat, wind, rain, and hail. Traditional roof coatings can revitalize an existing roof and strengthen its waterproofing, repair small leaks, improve heat resistance, and more. United Home Experts can assess the condition of the home’s roof and make outstanding suggestions as to how coatings can improve the current roof. The company has experienced professionals who understand what products are available, what those products do, and how they can improve a roof structure. With United Home Experts, homeowners do not have to go out and research all of this information on their own.

The roof structure is a crucial component in the functionality and styling of a home. Do not leave it to chance. Choose a company that has a positive reputation in the community they serve. Look for a company that keeps up to date on the latest products and techniques.  Choose United Home Experts and sleep well knowing experts are on the job.

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