Many homeowners opt for the classic look of clapboard wood siding or cedar shingles on the outside of theirfibercement-blogphoto33-resized-600 homes. This rich, natural wood look can greatly improve the value and appearance of a home when the shingles are installed and maintained properly. The wood contains natural oils that act to keep insects away and prevent decay. In fact, cedar shingles can last hundreds of years, making them a durable and solid choice for homeowners.

Cedar shingles are made up of high quality red or white cedar shingles or clapboards, which are stunning to the eye in their natural, unfinished form. The wood in cedar shingles contains a range of colors and tones that range from deep honey brown to light amber. This wood also lends the house the natural aroma of cedar wood.

Clapboards refer to the shape and style of the wood or siding: overlapping wood planks that can either be shaped like rectangles or tapered off in slightly different shapes. One popular shape of shingle is known as bevel, which refers to a triangular form that produces a layered, textured affect. Shingles can be installed in different sizes, horizontal or vertical, depending on the preference of the homeowner.

When it comes to selecting a type of clapboard to use for siding, there are options besides pure cedar wood. For Everlast-Rotator-002example, homeowners may choose to go with fiber cement siding that has the appearance of wood, but that can be painted and wears differently. Fiber cement siding is said to be more durable than wood. There is also vinyl siding, which offers homeowners a wood grain texture and look with the advantage of coming in a wide variety of colors, unlike real wood shingles. There are also various kinds of metal siding available, such as aluminum or steel, that are particularly known for keeping their shape without expanding or contracting throughout the different seasons. These are often compared to vinyl siding as alternatives to traditional wood siding.

All of these alternative forms of siding can look like wood on the outside without costing homeowners as much money as the real thing. But the ultimate in curb appeal can only come from genuine wood, which stays beautiful for decades – even centuries! – when properly installed and maintained by siding experts.

Regardless of the type of siding job at hand, United Home Experts is prepared to help homeowners make their dream homes a reality. They can count on the company’s years of experience and commitment to working with clients to ensure the best possible results.


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