New Windows for Residences in 2012

In strict contractor parlance, new windows mean new construction windows as opposed to replacement windows. To homeowners, a new window means a window that is more modern and thus more energy efficient. This will add value to the home as well as provide monthly cost savings on energy utility bills.

The installation of the window is slightly different in new construction versus a window retrofit in an existing home, but the type of window, style, and size can be made to suit any window opening dimensions.during (6)-resized-600

The initial cost of new windows is made up for in the added resale value of the home and the energy cost saving benefits for the life of the windows.

In the harsh climate of the Eastern New England states, it is even more important that a home’s windows are of the latest energy efficient materials and construction, as the windows will reduce both heating and cooling costs in the extreme summer and winter weather conditions of the region while adding much to the curb appeal of the home.

Any New England homeowner would be wise to contact the professional contractors at United Home Experts ( This quality home remodelling firm is well known in the Eastern New England states for their expert advice on window types for each particular style of home and homeowner budget as well as their professional window installation techniques. They can advise the homeowner on the key elements of window replacement as well as windows for homes under construction.

The main features that separate high-quality windows from the lower, less energy efficient windows are:

– NFRC certification. This is a rating by the non-profit organization, the National Fenestration Rating Council. The NFRC is the only independent rating certification system to inform the consumer as to a window’s energy performance. They also certify doors and skylights, which are infamous for their energy-wasting qualities if not manufactured correctly or with the proper materials.

– Tightly fitted stainless steel locking components

– Matching colors of each component

– Window sash and frame joints are heat-welded rather than mechanically fastened and are put together with brackets, caulk, and screws.

Replacing windows of old specifications with those of the latest technologies in design, materials, and manufacturing will add cost savings and a more attractive appearance to the exterior of any home. Homeowners in the harsher eastern seaboard climates will reap even greater energy saving rewards than those in milder regions.

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