Glass Block and other Types of Basement Windows

Glass block windows are very practical for Basement windowbasements as they are weather tight, basically maintenance free and let the sun into what is usually a dark interior space.

Glass block windows can be purchased as preassembled glass panels with blocks mortared together.  The glass block panels are heavy at 100 pounds or more, so an expert installer is required whether the window is for a home under construction or a replacement window in an existing dwelling.

Fortunately for homeowners in the eastern New England states they have the superior installers available at their disposal in United Home Experts (  These professionals will not only install the new basement windows but will aid the homeowner in their proper selection.

The selection process is important.  The windows meant for a basement just as windows for the other rooms in a home come in various materials, construction and quality.  United Home Experts have access to many brands of windows not just one so the windows can be carefully selected from an unbiased standpoint.

Among the many options available, one that is often chosen for the basement is a window that matches the other windows in the home.  This rule of decor can be ignored, however, and stained glass or glass block windows can be selected for a more exciting and unconventional appearance.  Both of these window variations can be either stationary or have ventilation capabilities.

As in all residential windows basement windows can be manufactured to save energy using environmentally friendly materials.  The windows should be double-paned and double glazed.  This will make for a quieter basement space that will also save money and energy.  Low-E rated windows have a coating between the glass panes that reflects heat, keeping the interior of the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Glass block windows can be manufactured to be just as eco-friendly as their more conventional cousins.

Traditionally windows in the basement have been something of an afterthought.  The thinking used to be that any old window would do since no one spends much time down there anyway.  This concept has undergone some dramatic changes.

In today’s homes, a basement has become an actual living space demanding the same amenities and attractive appearance as all the other rooms in the house.

Homeowners have also come to the realization that those rusty, decrepit windows in the basement take away from the overall curb appeal of the homes’ exterior.

For eastern New Englanders the basement window problem has been solved by the professionals at United Home Experts.  Do not put up with ugly, inefficient, money wasting basement windows any longer.  Contact the experts in basement window selection and installation at

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