When Remodeling a Home, Consider a Windows Home Improvement Project

Window ReplacementNew replacement windows can become one a home’s most appealing features. New windows provide ventilation, convenience of use, better natural light, and of ease of cleaning not available in older windows. Inefficient windows can waste as much as 30 percent of the dollars spent on heating and cooling a home. These extra dollars are literally going out the window. The cost of the new replacement windows will nearly pay for themselves given the added resale value to the home plus the cost savings of the more energy efficient windows.during (6)-resized-600

This is true of homes in all climactic regions of the country but applies even more to homes in harsh climates such as in the eastern New England states where the energy efficiency of a window’s home improvement project could add up to substantial savings on energy bills.

New England homeowners looking to learn more about their windows home improvement project should turn to the professionals at United Home Experts (unitedhomeexperts.com) for all their window projects needs. These experts are able to give sound advice on the types and styles of windows available as well as install the selected windows.

The following information will help demystify the terms used in window replacement and give the New England homeowner a basis for posing the right questions to the knowledgeable staff at United Home Experts.

IG Units

IG stands for insulated glass and begins as two or three panes of glass bonded together with a chemical sealant to spacer bars. The higher the IG unit value, the higher the quality of the glass.


Low-E in glass means a low emittance coating has been applied to the surface of the glass to reduce the U factor (explained below) by lessening the heat flow through the window unit. The Low-E coating goes between the layers of glass panes to block a significant percentage of radiant heat transfer, keeping the interior of the home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Low Conductive Gas Filled Unitsvinyl8500-series-rep-double-hung-interior-3-resized-600

This is a method of insulation that is a result of modern window technological research. The gas used in today’s windows for insulation is either argon or krypton. Either will greatly enhance the energy efficiency of the window. The low conductive gas filled insulation costs more than windows that do not use this technology, but the substantial cost savings on energy bills with windows of this type of insulation should be carefully considered.


The U-Factor measures heat loss through a window and rates the window accordingly. A low rating indicates the window will be more resistant to heat flow and have a higher insulation value.

The U-Factor of a good replacement window depending upon glazing options and the low conductive gas filling insulation option would be between 0.5 and .1.

United Home Experts will be able to offer further advice on the properties of replacement windows and has a wide range of styles and types of windows for the prospective New England home remodeler to choose from. They will also professionally install the windows to the homeowner’s ultimate satisfaction.


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