How to Complete a Window Installation

One of the best ways to update the aesthetic look of a home is by installing new windows. Not only do newer windows help to give the home a more modern look and feel, but it can also greatly improve the overall conservation of energy within the home. For many weekend warriors, the idea of completing the window installation without professional help may seem appealing; for those, this article discusses the basic steps to installing new windows.

First Things First…

For the most part, window openings in homes have already been framed out with wood, so the first step is to make sure that the rough window opening is symmetrical. This is easily done by taking a few side-to-side and top-to-bottom measurements. They should all come out in about the same range in terms of width and length; but if not, adding some tapered filler strips usually does the trick.

Installing the Window for Proper Placement

Once the opening is set and ready, the next step is to add the actual window into the frame opening. This is done by installing the window from the outside in; this way it sits flush to the wall. Either the person installing the window or someone inside the home can also check to make sure the window is level within the window frame opening in the interior.

Inserting the Flashing

A flashing band is used around the perimeter of the window, and this is done by nailing it into place starting on the outside of the window first. In order to make sure that the window stays level and in place, a shim can either be glued into place or tacked in with a trim nail. Once the shims are set into place, the final step can now be taken.

Finishing the Window

With shims in place to steady the window, the last step is to nail the window into place from the outside. Any excess shim can also be trimmed down so that it sits flush with the window itself; a flush-cut saw can make easy work of this step. Insulation is then added to any gaps between the window and the frame; fiberglass insulation works particularly well for keeping air from escaping.

These are the basic steps one would take to install a window. Of course, after reading these instructions, some homeowners may prefer to leave the task to the professionals. United Home Experts can help; the company specializes in window installation and a variety of other home improvement projects for those living in the Eastern New England area.section_landingpage_andersen_windows1-resized-600

Those that are really looking to take on this project themselves should first get a detailed set of instructions from the window manufacturers. This set of instructions is strictly to get an idea of the process. We are not responsible for any accidents, warranty voids or mishandling. We highly recommend allowing professionals, like ourselves, to replacing your windows. We offer the best warranties and coverage, aside from manufacturers, for replacement windows that are available to homeowners in the New England area.

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