Simonton Windows vs Harvey Windows

An internal comparison survey was conducted by the United Home Experts team. We provide siding, roofing, window and door replacement services throughout eastern New England. Unbiased opinions were retrieved based on our individual experience using the products. The ratings provided are opinion based and not the result of lab testing or product specification examination.



When it comes to window replacement, there seems to be a great debate as to which is the best brand between Simonton and Harvey. The manufacturers of both brands offer their window product line to homeowners and contractors within the New England region.

In addition, both have received high praises from experts and customers who have successfully installed windows from both companies. Despite the positive feedback on both of these providers, based on our personal opinion in working with products and personnel from each manufacturer, only one deserves to be called the best window replacement brand which can truly offer ultimate quality, price, and customer satisfaction: Simonton Windows.

Many homeowners living in New England, especially those Energy Starlocated in the eastern area, prefer vinyl windows over aluminum and wood because of vinyl’s energy efficient nature. Installing fixtures that are energy-efficient can help homeowners save on costly energy bills. And when it comes to “going green,” Simonton’s products are an excellent choice, with product lines awarded with the ENERGY STAR seal. Their added features such as double-tower glazing, Intercept, Supercept, and Superspacer, all of which offer optimum condensation resistance, make Simonton an even more energy-saving choice than Harvey’s ENERGY STAR products.

Simonton knows that homeowners have Simonton Logodifferent tastes and a wide variety of specific needs when it comes to their homes. With this in mind, purchasing from a company that offers a wide variety of windows in different shapes and sizes is ideal. Simonton offers a plethora of window styles for both new and replacement construction projects.  On the Generations line, featured by United Home Experts, Simonton offers several interior wood grain finishes that closely mimic real wood. They also offer a variety of exterior finish colors, and polished metal sash locks.  See this page for more. When contrasted with the smaller selection of window collections from Harvey Windows, Simonton is clearly a better choice for a wide variety of homeowner tastes.

The last factor that consumers consider when choosing windows between Harvey and Simonton is durability and ease of use in the long haul. Considering that the company has almost 70 years of experience in building windows, it is clear that Simonton has successfully perfected windows craftsmanship. Simonton’s aesthetically pleasing, innovative design has a legacy of lasting and timeless elegance. Simonton has also won J.D. Powers & Associates award 3 times!

For 70 years, homeowners have turned to Simonton for the best in beautiful, durable and high-quality windows. When it comes to the utmost in energy-efficiency, value, design, and durability, the product offerings from Simonton Windows are undoubtedly the better choice for home window replacement needs!


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