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For a few days each year Hopkinton, Massachusetts is known around the world as the starting line for the Boston Marathon. But the people of Hopkinton know that their town has roots that go back much further and reach far deeper than any Marathon. Hopkinton was founded in 1715 and many of its homes date back that far, or nearly so. The people of Hopkinton are justifiably proud of their illustrious past and most homeowners are anxious to maintain the general look and feel of the town whenever they upgrade their property, including window replacements.windowroom-resized-600

There was a time, not too long ago, when replacing a window was a simple matter. One merely bought a couple panes of window glass and had them installed. Today, of course, things are much different. Today homeowners are more aware of the vital importance of windows, both from an aesthetic sense as well as from an Energy Star perspective.

Today’s homeowners have a wider choice of windows and window styles than ever before. In some ways this is a good development – but with choice comes misery, as they say, and deciding on just the right windows, with so much to choose from, can be a daunting task.

So what should a homeowner look for in a window replacement?Marvin-double-hung-window-19-459x540-resized-600

First, find a contractor who is totally conversant with all codes and permits here in Hopkinton. Hiring a contractor who isn’t aware of local codes and regulations can cost the homeowner a great deal down the line.

Next, look for someone who understands Energy Star ratings inside and out. Energy Star ratings help the homeowner choose a replacement window that will conserve the maximum amount of energy and save the homeowner on his or her utility bill month after month, year after year. Purchasing a window with a high Energy Star rating is one of the most important things a homeowner can do.

Of course, the window has to look right for the home as well as the neighborhood. When it comes to looks combined with energy efficiency two basic types of windows rise to the top: fiberglass windows and wood frame windows.Andersen

Fiberglass windows used to look rather tacky – but those days are long gone. Today’s modern fiberglass can be textured to look almost indistinguishable from real wood, and the range of colors are designed to match virtually any home exterior and decorating style. Plus fiberglass can be painted any color the homeowner chooses. Fiberglass is also among the least expensive and easiest-to-install replacement windows. Fiberglass clad windows, especially those by Marvin Windows, also have one of the highest Energy Star ratings.

Wood windows are the benchmark of windows.Wood is one of the best insulation materials so wood windows, especially Marvin Wood Windows, are among the highest rated when it comes to conserving energy. Wood is also the ultimate in going “green.” And wood just looks good and takes paint better than virtually any other material.


Reputation is also important when it comes to choosing a window contractor. The contractor must have a genuine stake in the community.

So where does that leave the Hopkinton homeowner? The only window contractor in this area which encompasses all of the qualities listed above is United Home Experts. They specialize in Marvin Fiberglass and wood windows and they have been replacing windows in the Hopkinton area for many years. They have more satisfied customers in this area than virtually anyone else and they are happy to show potential customers their past work.

One last thing. Many contractors find their installers as day laborers in some parking lot. Not United Home Experts. UHE installers have all been with the company for years and all have special training in window replacement. UHE backs this up with one of the best warranties in the business.

So when it is time to replace windows here in Hopkinton there should be little hesitation in choosing a contractor. At the very least speak with one of the friendly and knowledgeable people at United Home Experts; the information they have is worth more than money. For more information about our window replacement services, visit our main window replacement page!

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