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There aren’t many towns in the country where one of the biggest attractions is the public library, but Franklin’s public library on Main Street has the distinction of being the first free public library in the United States.  And let’s not forget the red brick one-room schoolhouse at the corner of Maple and Lincoln – the oldest one room schoolhouse still in use in the country, with about 700 years left on its lease!

There are dozens of old, historic buildings along Main Street in Franklin, but a house doesn’t have to be part of the LHT_DH_Kitchen_10state’s Historical Register to mean something to the people of Franklin.  The homeowners of Franklin are extremely proud of each and every home in Franklin.  That’s why window replacement in Franklin is so important.  The problem is, a homeowner almost needs a degree in windows from the local university just to choose the right windows these days without the worry of complications years later.

That’s why homeowners in Franklin are looking to experts in window replacement whenever their homes need a makeover.  Windows today are far different from the windows of just a few years ago.  Fiberglass windows, especially those made by the Marvin Window Company, are the new norm in replacement windows now.

Homeowners in Franklinare still picky about the people they choose to replace their windows.  They demand thatICAIntSetAFfirepla2_07_ITc3 any window contractor meet some rather stiff criteria.  For one thing, any window contractor has to know all of Franklin’s building codes and permits inside and out.

They also need to know everything there is to know about Energy Star Ratings and how those ratings apply to new windows.  And perhaps most importantly, anyone doing window replacement in Franklin must have a spotless local reputation.

That’s a lot to ask for, but the homeowners of Franklin can rest easy because of United Home Experts.  United Home Experts has replaced more windows in Franklin than just about any other contractor around and they are experts when it comes to local buildings codes and permits.  It is almost impossible to walk down the streets in Franklin without finding at least one home or business where UHE has replaced the windows.  As a homeowner you can relax and let the experts at UHE handle all of the paperwork for your new windows.

United Home Experts knows absolutely everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings.  UHE recommends SHBeautyInterior-resized-600fiberglass windows by Marvin or Marvin wood frame windows.  Both of these windows have the highest Energy Star ratings and will save local homeowners money on their utility bills month after month, year after year.

One last thing.  Most Franklin homeowners are a little particular about the people they want working on their homes and around their families.  United Home Experts feels the same way which is why they use the same window installation crews all the time, people who have worked for the company for years and are highly skilled and expertly trained.  The sad fact is, however, not all local window contractors feel this way.  Some local contractors pick up their window installers on a day-by-day basis from the parking lot of the local home improvement center.  Think about that when you choose your contractor.

Windows set the tone for a home.  That’s something to keep in mind whether you choose the beautiful wood-grain look of a Marvin fiberglass window or the timeless elegance of a Marvin real wood window frame.  But whichever you choose, you certainly can’t go wrong picking United Home Experts as your window installer, the #1 replacement window expert here in Franklin. For more information about our window replacement services, visit our main replacement window page!

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