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Sometimes the biggest question you have is how to keep the kids happy in Needham.  The answer is simple.  Take them to The Kid’s Place (4 Fun) on Highland Place, behind Treat Cupcake Bar.  The Kid’s Place is awesome – your kids can mine for gems, make incredible one-of-a-kind Tie Dyed T-Shirts, paint plaster stuff and make all sorts of really cool from-the-heart gifts.

Needham is a magnificent place to raise a family.  One of the things which makes it charming and keeps it wonderful is the pride Needham homeowners have in keeping Needham a beautiful and delightful place to live.  Many things combine to make Needham the best place in the world to raise a family, but one way homeowners do this is by keeping their homes looking great.

That means keeping the roof of their home looking new.  Nothing detracts from a neighborhood faster than a ctr00prepdnlr0001mshabby-looking roof.  Of course, not just anyone can say they are a roofer in Needham and not just any contractor can walk into town and claim to be a Needham roofing contractor.

The people of Needham want a roofing contractor who has a real stake in the community, someone who genuinely cares about the people and the homes here.

Not to mention, they also want a roof that will last a lifetime – no one wants the aggravation and the cost of putting another roof on a home in just a few years.

So who is the #1 roofer in Needham?  For my money it’s United Home Experts for a number of very specific reasons.  First, they know Needham.  They have been roofing homes in Needham for years.  In fact, you would be hard-pressed to point to any Needham neighborhood that doesn’t have at least one home that has been roofed by United Home Experts.  You would also be hard-pressed to find any roofing contractor in Needham with more satisfied customers than United Home Experts.  If you need references or testimonials, UHE has a whole file cabinet filled with them!  No roofer in Needham has a better or a stronger reputation than United Home Experts.

One reason so many homeowners trust UHE is because of their unconditional lifetime roof guarantee.  Who blackroofshingleswants to worry about a roof ever again?  UHE’s lifetime guarantee even covers labor; call one of their friendly and knowledgeable roofing experts today for full details.

Naturally the only way they can offer a lifetime guarantee is by installing only the very highest grade roofing materials manufactured by the Certainteed Corporation, the recognized leader in roofing materials around the world.

Price is always a consideration, and employing the best usually costs more – but not necessarily in this case.  Why?  Because United Home Experts roofs more homes than just about anyone else in the entire Northeast.  That means they buy their roofing materials – their shingles, their water-seals and their flashing – at incredible wholesale savings and they pass those savings on to the homeowners of Needham.  That means UHE is often equal to if not lower than many of their competitors,

And speaking of their competitors, there is one final point that needs to be made.  The other reason UHE can offer a lifetime guarantee on a roof is because of the quality of the people they have installing their roofs.  The roofing teams at UHE have been together for years in many cases and each and every roofer has been hand-picked and thoroughly trained to do the best job possible in the least amount of time.  But some of UHE’s competitors have a different way of doing business.  Some of them hire their installers on the cheap, picking them up every morning in a pick-up truck from some home center parking lot.  Are those really the kinds of people you want working on your home, around your family?

When you call United Home Experts ask all the questions you want.  They are happy to answer any questions.  And try not to act completely surprised when they give you a quote.  Remember, the #1 roofer in Needham isn’t necessarily the most expensive. For more information about our roof services, visit our main roofing page!

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