How come some ridge vents go all the way to the edge?

Because we are in the home improvement business we often forget how much we know about our services and how little many homeowners know. I recently had a question from a roofing customer that I thought was interesting.  She asked, “how come some ridge vents are installed all the way to the edge of the roof while others are not?”  See the ridge vent photo below to see what she meant.

2 ridge vents


The answer is strictly one of aesthetics.  The venting in the roof should never be cut all the way to the edge but that doesn’t mean you can’t install the vent cap all the way to the edge.  We cut the vent in the roof decking (sheathing) to within a foot or 2 of the edge and always install Shingle Vent 2 right to the edge because most people think it’s a cleaner look.

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