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I’m going to let you in on a little secret that not everyone in Northborough knows.  The best fishing in town is at Cold Harbor Brook.  Here’s the real secret: the best fishing times for Cold Harbor are 10:00 a.m. until noon; the second best time to catch anything is from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Keep that under your hat.

There are a lot of little things about Northborough that not everyone knows, but the pride that Northborough homeowners show in their homes and in their town is plain for everyone to see.  One aspect of that pride is in the way that local homeowners keep the roofs of their homes looking well-kept.  Keeping up the appearance of a home’s roof is one sure-fire sign that a homeowner really cares about a home.

Not just anyone can waltz into town and claim to be a roofing contractor.  The homeowners here demand a lot 8from any roofer in Northborough.  To begin with they want a roof that not only looks great but one which will last a lifetime – no one wants to re-roof a home, ever again.

Obviously any roofer in Northborough that plans to offer a lifetime guarantee on a roof will need to start with the highest-quality in roofing materials manufactured by the world-famous Certainteed Corporation.   That goes without saying.

Also, any local roofing contractor needs to have roots in Northborough.  In other words, a local roofer needs to have the best interests of both the homeowners and the town at heart.  He must have roofed hundreds of local homes and businesses and have a spotless reputation.

That’s a lot to ask for in a roofer, but the homeowners of Northborough demand nothing less.  Fortunately there is 9one roofing contractor here locally who measures up.  United Home Experts has roofed more homes here in Northborough than probably anyone else.  In fact, it is almost impossible to walk through Northborough’s lovely neighborhoods without spotting at least one home that has a United Home Experts’ roof on it.

If you want local references or testimonials, UHE has a file cabinet overflowing with them.  Just ask.

One reason local homeowners are so happy with United Home Experts is because they offer a lifetime guaranteed roof.  Naturally they use only the highest grade flashing, water-tight seals and shingles manufactured by none other than the Certainteed Corporation.  UHE not only guarantees its roof for a lifetime, their guarantee also includes labor.  Just ask one of UHE’s knowledgeable and super friendly roofing experts for all the details.

There’s one other reason United Home Experts can offer a lifetime guarantee on your roof.  It’s because they have the best roof installers in the business.  Each of their installers has been hand-picked and carefully trained.  Most of their roofing teams have been working together for years.  Unfortunately, some of UHE’s competitors don’t think you need that level of expertise when it comes to installing your roof.  Instead of using the same well-trained crews all the time, some local roofing contractors hire their installers by the day, picking them up every morning from some home center parking lot.  Are those the type of installers you want around your home…around your family?

The best usually costs more – but not in this case.  United Home Experts is probably the biggest roofer in this entire area so they buy their roofing materials in bulk, at deeply-discounted wholesale prices.  They then pass this savings on to the homeowners of Northborough.  So when you call United Home Experts try not to be too surprised at the price they quote you – or the lifetime guarantee on your new roof. For more information about our roof services, please visit our main roofing page!

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