How to Fix Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding (or cladding) is a particularly popular option with homeowners because of its strong structural fibercement-blogphoto33-resized-600integrity and resistance to the common pitfalls of other types of siding such as weather and insect damage. However, no siding is perfect, and even fiber cement cladding is bound to start breaking down after years of wear and tear from the elements regardless of the quality of the original installation job. If this happens, the specialists at United Home Experts can fix the damage by either repairing or replacing portions of the siding.

Here we will give you the low-cost solution to repair the damages, but we caution you because the integrity of the siding is now compromised. The siding has been cracked and there is now a potential for moisture to build up and cost serious issues within the siding.

We highly suggest contacting us to provide an estimate or if you have a warranty with us, give us a call. You can contact the office of United Home Experts at 508-881-8555.

If the fiber cement cladding on a home has endured the kind of damage that has left glaring holes and cracks, then it cannot be saved, and it will be necessary to replace it. However, there are instances in which the cladding can be repaired. If damage is limited to a few cracks and holes in somewhat hidden places on the outside of the house, it is possible to fix the siding without replacing it entirely. United Home Experts has both experience and expertise when it comes to executing either plan.

The first step involved in fixing fiber cement is to clean the siding. Mold, mildew and stains can be tough to remove, so the best way to attack them is to use a light wire brush dipped in water mixed with bleach and dishwashing detergent. Then, contractors often use a power washer with a liquid of trisodium phosphate mixed with water to spray over the affected areas followed by a thorough water rinse.

After the power washing and rinsing stage is complete, contractors will then use a caulk gun to replace any eroded caulking material around windows, trim or doorframes. Once all affected areas have been redone, they will move on to fill in the cracks and holes in the siding with a special patching material designed specifically for this purpose. After small holes and cracks are filled in and everything has dried, contractors move on to painting if necessary. Experts are careful to use 100% acrylic paint and apply it with paint rollers.

Whether homeowners need contractors to install fiber cement siding, replace it or repair it, they can count on the specialists at United Home Experts for all of their siding needs. Years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers throughout Massachusetts and beyond testify to the company’s dedication to high quality work and customer service.

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