Pella vs. Andersen Windows

An internal comparison paint survey was conducted by the United Home Experts team. We provide siding, roofing, window and door replacement services throughout eastern New England. Unbiased opinions were retrieved based on our individual experience using the products. The ratings provided are opinion based and not the result of lab testing or product specification examination.


 Homeowners in New England know that the weather can be extreme and unpredictable. Hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters are typical in this region, which is why having the most efficient, high-quality windows installed in the home is crucial. This article will compare and contrast the window products offered by two top names in the industry: Pella, and Andersen. They are two companies that end up measuring up quite even.

Both companies have been succeeding in the window industry for over 80 years, which contributes to their good reputations. When it comes to warranty, both manufacturers deliver, with similar warranties of around 20 years for glass and 10 years for non-glass parts. As for style, this is perhaps the biggest area of variation. While both manufacturers offer homeowners a wide variety of styles of windows, such as bay, single or double-hung, casement, sliding, awning, and specialty or custom, Andersen claims to offer the most options in the business. For example, the company produces a picture window, which Pella does not seem to have. However, Pella offers a specialty feature of its own with its Rolscreen window screen, which is actually the company’s claim to fame. The technology behind this screen enables homeowners to simply roll it away when it is not needed. Overall, the companies offer a wide array of similar styles with just a few slight differences. This also holds true for the types of frames that both companies offer, namely wood, vinyl and composite.

Homeowners can also expect high energy efficiency in their Pella or Andersen windows. Both companies makePellaWindows-resized-600 use of low-E or low emissivity coating. This microscopic metal coating lies in the glass of windows, acting as a self-reflector of heat in the winter, and keeping heat out during the hotter months. Pella windows for the region have this feature, along with “Pella innovation” in the form of the best possible combinations of glass, thermal breaks and shades to achieve maximum results. Andersen offers Low-E4, Low-E4 SmartSun and Low-E4 Sun glass, which are custom-made to work best in different climates.

Pella and Andersen have both become trusted and respected leaders in the window industry for good reason. They offer high-quality products of a huge variety that are overall very comparable in all the areas that matter.

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