How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

It’s rare you’ll get a straight answer over the phone or on a website to the question “How Much Do New Windows Awesome guyCost”—even when you call us (to be honest). One reason you’ll have trouble getting a response on the phone or internet is because some window companies want to meet you in person and use all sorts of high pressure sales tactics to pressure you into signing on the dotted line. The second more legitimate reason is because the cost of new windows really does depend on the situation. There are a number of factors that can drastically change the cost of having house windows installed. As a company who gets this question a lot, I want to share some valuable insights, AND give you some actual window pricing for a rough idea of what new windows might cost you.

Factors Influencing the Cost of New


  • Brand of windows
  • Window frame material (Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum, Fiberglass, etc.)
  • Size of windows
  • Style of windows
  • Type of components (grilles, grids, hardware, etc.)
  • Glass package (type and quantity of glass panes, coatings, and gas)
  • Insert/replacement style vs. Tear-out/new-construction style
  • House framing type (Wood, Brick, Metal, etc.)
  • Need for new trim or rot replacement
  • Location of windows (access issues)
  • Quantity of windows (larger quantities are often discounted)

Cost of Windows Adjusted With Variables

Installed By a Handy-man / General Contractor

You should know that installing windows properly takes some experience. It’s well documented that the vast majority of window failures that happen in the first few years are a result of bad installation not a manufacturer defect.  Be careful when selecting a window installer not to choose someone who has insufficient experience or a short track record. Also know that a window warranty is virtually worthless without a labor warranty along side it. Most small contractors do not provide a written labor warranty.

VinylComposite/FiberglassWood Clad
Cheapest$375-$425Can’t Get / Rarely OffersCheapest$525-$600
Standard$425-$475 Standard $650-$725
Specialty$575-$625 Specialty $860-$1000

Installed by A Local Window Specialist

This type of company is a better option than the alternatives. Although you still have to be careful whom you hire, a window specialist (meaning a company that specializes in installing windows and other things) will have more experience than a generalist, but will be a better value than a large brand franchise or big box store.

VinylComposite/FiberglassWood Clad
Cheapest $425-$475 Cheapest $600-$675 Cheapest $700-$800
 Standard$500-$625 Standard$675-$800 Standard $775-$950
 Specialty$600-$750 Specialty $800-1050 Specialty $925-$1200

Installed by A Big Brand Affiliate or Big Box Store

The most widely used window installation service is that of big brand franchises and big box stores with a national presence. Be sure to do your homework about the quality of installation, warranty track record, and expansive cost of overhead to run to these operations. Make sure you’re not paying for expensive advertising, and sales commisions which often add up to more than the cost of the actual windows and installation.

VinylComposite/FiberglassWood Clad
Cheapest $535-$595 Cheapest $775-$925 Cheapest $975-$1125
 Standard$575-$725 Standard $975-$1225 Standard $1175-$1425
 Specialty$675-$925 Specialty $1275-$1625 Specialty $1475-$1825

Although in many cases it’s true that “you get what you pay for”, in the case of replacement windows you also want to be aware of what exactly you are paying for and what exactly you can expect for long-term value.  There are many people in the industry who have good intentions but are just not in the right system to give you a good value.  There are others who thrive on taking advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. Be cautious and go with your instinct.

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  1. Jay
    Jay says:

    We live on a golf course and need replacement windows all the time. We haven’t had too much trouble getting quotes for these windows. Just need to make sure you call the right people.

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