Replacement Windows: Nashua, NH

Windows, it has been said, are the eyes and soul of a home.  That may be a somewhat poetic notion, but hey most of us would agree that the choice of the right windows can definitely make a huge difference in the appearance and the appeal of a home  –  not to mention have a profound and long-term effect on the homeowner’s energy bills.

There was a time when replacing a window simply meant replacing a simple sheet of glass.  Those times are longcasementpushout gone.  Today, windows are among the most complex and technologically advanced parts of any home here in New England.  It requires that today’s replacement window installers be highly skilled and trained individuals.

Buying and installing replacement windows in Nashua, NH requires a great deal of knowledge as well as skill.  The choice of the proper window installer is almost as important as purchasing the right quality window.  Fortunately there are the experts at United Home Experts, who have years of training and experience when it comes to replacement windows in Nashua, NH.  They understand how to make windows stand up to New England weather inside and out, and they offer homeowners and business owners a totally free window evaluation to aid them in their decision.

Choice is everything when it comes to replacement windows. Steer clear of installers who offer only one or two types of windows and try to make those fit every homeowner. The window experts at United Home Experts offer several different types of double paned windows in a wide range of styles and sizes to fit every decorating style, as well as every pocketbook.

Window sizes can vary greatly, especially in older homes sporting windows in sizes that were once popular but are no longer standard. It is imperative that homeowners do not settle for standard-size windows which may destroy the look and the integrity of older, classic homes. Windows also come in a variety of styles, from old-fashioned to ultra-modern, and it is important to find replacement window installers who not only know how to install windows correctly, but who can recommend and supply windows which are right for each particular job – and not simply try to sell the windows they happen to have in stock.

Equally as important is finding a window installer who understands the all-important NFRC window ratings. NFRC stands for the National Fenestration Ratings Council, an independent body that tests and rates the energy efficiency of windows. By comparing NFRC ratings, a homeowner can be certain how each window compares as far as energy usage is concerned, which is often a top priority here in the harsh and unpredictable climate of Nashua, NH.harveywindows

Fortunately, the friendly and helpful experts at United Home Experts are wizards when it comes to understanding NFRC ratings, as well as the latest Energy Star window ratings. Energy Star ratings are a national rating system that compares energy usage across the entire spectrum of windows available to the homeowner.

An Energy Star rating of 50 indicates that a window is only average in its energy-savings ability. A rating of 75 or better indicates superior energy savings. Be aware that windows marked as “Energy Efficient” are not necessarily Energy Star rated – although their makers want the homeowner to believe they are. Only Energy Star certified products are certain to help homeowners conserve energy, thus also saving on energy costs for the long-term.

Today’s homeowner has a lot to think about when it comes to replacing windows. There is not only the aesthetics of the window itself to consider, but one must also weigh both the long-term energy savings and the initial cost for both purchasing and installing a window when making an informed decision. Fortunately the experts at United Home Experts here in the Nashua region can assist homeowners in finding the perfect window solution for their homes.

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