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Most people don’t often think about window replacement unless there is a major problem. The fact is, though, that are many good reasons for home window replacement, even without a major emergency necessitating the change. Andersen Windows with Stormwatch(R) are some of the best on the market today. Here are just a few of the benefits of adding these amazing accessories to any home.

Improved Seasonal Comfort

Replacing an old, drafty window – especially a single-paned one – can improve your home’s ability to maintain a AndersenBedroom-aw10-103-resized-600warmer interior by about fifty percent. Today’s Energy Star-rated version is made with special technology that combines frames that are energy efficient and high-performing glass.

This same glass that keeps the interior air warm is also better able to protect a home against the hot sun during the summer months. This window type with the high-performing glass reduces the amount of heat that comes into your home by at least fifty percent. Just think of how much heating and cooling bills can be reduced by installing it into the home.

Increased Curb Appeal

Switching out some features of your home can have a dramatic, immediate effect on your its exterior appearance. AndersenExterior-04-075-resized-600United Home Experts has a vast selection of window, door, and siding products that offer many options to homeowners that often complement many homes, whether they have a more traditional or a more contemporary design. And with all the trim packages that are available for both the exterior and the interior, homeowners can be sure that their custom-designed window will have a unique look.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl and fiberglass frames never need to be painted. In many cases, much of the newer hardware used in replacements is constructed from durable stainless steel or die-cast zinc that undergo numerous tests to ensure they will hold up in any home. In fact, most of the best window manufacturers today offer a full lifetime warranty to the original homeowner, covering both materials and labor.

Improved Home Security

In addition, a new window can give your home added security. The Andersen brand has been forced-entry testedAndersenBathroom-resized-600 for safety. Most now offer locking systems with multiple points that render lock breakthroughs nearly impossible.

Reduced Sound Transmission

A new window has the often overlooked ability to inhibit the transmission of sound. Noise comes in various frequencies from many different sources. With the world’s population increasing every year, it is becoming more difficult to control noise by the day. These glass features of the home can be the weakest
link when it comes to maintaining sound control.

Environmental Benefits

Last but not least, a new window can aid in improving the environment. When less energy is used to heat and cool the home, fewer natural resources are being used up, and so there is less impact on the environment.

Is It Time for a Replacement?

Many homeowners may be confused as to whether they really are in need of window replacement. A consult with the professionals at United Home Experts can help any homeowner better understand their options in order to make a more informed replacement window decision.

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