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(01580) Westborough, as most residents know, was the 100th town incorporated in the state of Massachusetts, way back in 1717.  For hundreds of years before that the area around Westborough was crisscrossed with Indian trails, making the area a hub of Native American activity.

With a history as rich and as far-reaching as is the history of Westborough, it is little wonder that so many residents take home remodeling so seriously.  For many residents it is important to maintain some semblance of the past, even with new siding.

Like most homeowners, residents of Westborough want a low maintenance siding that will last for many, many everlast_polymeric_cladding-resized-600years.  In fact, most homeowners would like a siding that never needs replacing. An excellent choice is Everlast siding.  Everlast is a polymeric siding that is tougher than vinyl (in fact, it is more than 500% thicker than vinyl), the panels interlock for long-lasting wear and with the newest technology the wood grain pattern makes the panels look remarkably like wooden clapboard.

In order to win the hearts of Westborough residents, however, a siding contractor needs more than simply one of the best and longest-lasting siding on the market.  A contractor must also be intimately knowledgeable of permits and local building codes.  Failure to file the proper permits can result in fines and wasted time and cause more homeowner headaches than almost anything else.

The perfect contractor must also own all of his own equipment and have considerable expertise in both tall-building siding as well as how to work in very tight spaces.  The ideal contractor must also know Energy Star ratings inside and out and be able to qualify the homeowner for all energy rebates and manufacturer guarantees.

Lastly, the ideal siding contractor must have a strong and deep commitment to the local community and should masticvinyl-resized-600have hundreds of local homes and businesses that he can proudly point to as evidence of his skill as a siding contractor.

Few contractors could even begin to cover all of these bases, but fortunately for the people of Westborough one contractor stands head and shoulders above all the rest. United Home Experts.  UHE carries a wide range of low maintenance siding materials that are so long-lasting they should never need replacement.  And UHE buys all of its siding in bulk and passes the savings on to its customers.

United Home Experts has all of its own equipment, something a lot of lesser contractors cannot say.  UHE also has more experience siding tall residences and businesses and in working in small, confined spaces than virtually any other contractor in the Northeast.

No contractor is more knowledgeable regarding Energy Star ratings and how they translate into homeowner savings each and every month, year in and year out.

UHE also has more local customers than just about any other contractor in this area and has literally hundreds of blog-photo18-resized-600happy customers who would be delighted to share their wonderful siding experience with any homeowner considering a remodel job.

And there is one more thing.  United Home Experts has its own highly trained and well motivated staff of professional siding experts to side your home or business.  These are people who have been specially trained and who have worked together for many years.  Many other so-called siding contractors hire their staff on a piece-meal basis from day laborers in a local parking lot.

This is the perfect time to re-side a home here in Westborough, and the best siding contractor in all of the Northeast is as close as your phone.  Give the good people at United Home Experts a call and find out just how quickly a home can be sided and just how affordable the job can be. For information about siding products or our siding services, visit our main siding page!

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