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metalblog02-resized-600There aren’t many places left in this country where one can spend a leisurely summer evening listening to wonderful live music on the common, but the people of Franklin cherish their traditions.  They would no more miss their summer concerts than they would the annual 4th of July parade, where local folks and local businesses put on a show the town loves with all its heart.  And what would the kids do without all that candy tossed from the floats?

Tradition means a lot to the people of Franklin.  Did you know that the town of Franklin was the first town in all vinyl-blogphoto01-resized-600of Massachusetts to change its name to Franklin in honor of Benjamin Franklin?  So it’s not surprising that the homeowners of Franklin are very particular about keeping up the looks of their homes and the image of their town.  That means they are very choosy about the siding they put on their homes.

Siding is important.  Siding is one of the first things that anyone sees as they drive through Franklin’s old-world neighborhoods. Siding sets the tone.  Siding is also important when it comes to conserving energy, so the homeowners of Franklin have a lot to consider when it comes to re-siding a home.

First, they demand a low maintenance siding from any siding contractor in Franklin.  Low maintenance means that they seldom have to do any maintenance on it and that it lasts virtually forever.  No one wants to re-side a home more than once in a lifetime.

In order for a siding to last a lifetime any siding contractor in Franklin must have the best equipment around and must be proficient at working on both tall buildings and working in small, tight spaces.

Obviously any local contractor worth his salt will have sided hundreds of homes in the area and know everythingblog-photo19 there is to know about local permits and building codes.  Oh – and anyone installing low maintenance siding has to understand Energy Star ratings and be able to install highly energy-efficient siding. Qualifying energy efficient products can also get you up to a $500 credit on your tax bill.

That’s a lot to ask for.  The only siding contractor here in Franklin who meets all of these requirements is United Home Experts.  UHE has been siding homes here in Franklin for years.  Drive down Franklin’s streets and you will almost certainly find at least one home or commercial building that has been sided by UHE.  United Home Experts has file cabinets filled with hundreds of satisfied customers willing to provide testimonials for the skill and the friendliness of UHE’s expert installers.

Expert means that UHE’s installers have a lot of experience in both tall buildings as well as in working in small, tight spaces.  They can do it all – and have.  And because they have sided so many homes here in Franklin you can rest easy knowing that UHE will see to all permits and side your home to every local building code.  They know ‘em all.

UHE also knows everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings and how to side a home in order to reduce energy loss and at the same time drive down utility bills, month after month and year after year.

The best is not necessarily more expensive.  The amount of homes that United Home Experts re-sides in this area means that they can keep their prices reasonable, so before you sign with any other siding contractor, at least give United Home Experts a call and find out just how affordable the best can be. For more information about our siding services, visit our main siding page!

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