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Re-roofing a home is a huge project and one which should not be started without a great deal of planning.  One consideration is the type and quality of shingle that will be applied.  Two of the top companies in this part of the country, companies that understand the needs of homeowners here in the harsh climate of the Northeast, are Certainteed Asphalt and Atlas roofing products.


Let’s start with the assumption that both companies manufacture a quality product.  However, there are certain important differences that may set one company above the other.

Atlas offers only one asphalt 3-tab shingle.  It is called the Glassmaster.  The Atlas asphalt shingle has a 25-year warranty.  By way of comparison, Certainteed asphalt has four different 3-tab asphalt and fiberglass shingles for the homeowner to choose from.  One of Certainteed’s shingles has a comparable 25-year guarantee, with two CertainTeed shingles guaranteed for 30 years.  From the perspective of choice, CertainTeed has Atlas beat, hands down.

A second measure of quality is how well a roof holds up in windy conditions.  That is important here in the Northeast, as high winds occur with surprising frequency.  The Atlas Glassmaster is rated for winds of 60 miles per hour.   Two of the Certainteed options available to homeowners are rated at 60 miles per hour, but Certainteed offers two additional styles of shingles rated at 70 miles per hour  –  something Atlas does not offer.

Color & Design Choicesshingle-siding

CertainTeed is known throughout the industry for its blend of colors in virtually all of its lines of shingles.  Many contractors claim there is no color, no trim, no siding that the color blends available in the Certainteed lines cannot match or compliment.  This compares to nine colors available in Atlas’ Glassmaster series.  Once again, when it comes to color selection, the clear winner  –  by far  –  is Certainteed.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems may not seem like a sexy topic, but for a homeowner applying a new roof ventilation systems are vitally important.  Ventilation systems determine to a large degree how long a particular roof will last and how long the underlying structure will hold up.  Moisture is the bane of all homeowners.  Too much moisture trapped under the roof of a home potentially equals huge trouble, either today or tomorrow.

Certainteed’s impact resistant ridge caps, which cover the vents cut at the peak of a roof to allow hot air to escape the attic, are of such quality that insurance companies often request that Certainteed’s impact resistant ridge caps be used in order to fully guarantee a roof.

Professional Installation or DIY?001-resized-600

Many homeowners feel they can save a few bucks by roofing their own home  –  and in the short run, they might.  But what many homeowners fail to take into consideration is the cost and difficulty of tearing off and getting rid of an existing roof, plus the time and effort required for roofing a home.  The experts at a place such as United Home Experts can not only offer a wealth of information as far as planning a roofing project, they can also do all of the work, clean up the entire area and  –  most importantly of all  –  they provide a guarantee, something a do-it-yourselfer cannot always obtain.  With a guarantee, a homeowner purchases peace of mind, something that no dollar value can be applied to.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, both Certainteed and Atlas both make superior roofing products.  But in comparison, it is clear that the products manufactured at Certainteed are superior in all important areas.  Your home’s roof is one of its most important features  –  it is not something on which to cut corners and accept second best.

This internal roofing survey was conducted by the United Home Experts team. We provide siding, roofing, window, and door replacement services throughout eastern New England. Opinions were retrieved from our staff based on our individual experience using or examining the products. The ratings provided are opinion based and not the result of lab testing or product specification examination.

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