The Best Venting Ridge Vent

This video demonstrates how Shingle-Vent II is the better ventilating system in comparison with several different styles of ridge vents. The University of Florida tested the consistent reliability of Shingle Vent II by building a special test house with two separate attic chambers built exactly alike. One attic chamber has the Shingle Vent II installed, while the other attic chamber has an unbaffled vent. Inside the attic chamber with Shingle-Vent II, they placed an orange smoke stick. In an identical position in the other attic chamber, they placed a yellow smoke stick of identical length and smoke volume. The orange and yellow colored smoke allows you to see how each vent operates. The external baffle permits smoke to come out of both sides of the ridge vent, while the unbaffled vent does not. As a result, the external baffle vent of the Shingle-Vent II evacuates more smoke than the unbaffled vent.

Camera’s inside the attic spaces also show how the Shingle-Vent II helps to evacuate the air. The Shingle-Vent II harnesses the wind to ventilate the attic, pumping the air out, and clearing out the spoke quicker. As the video demonstrates, several different unbaffled vents were tested alongside the Shingle-Vent II, and each test demonstrates how much more effectively the Shingle-Vent II ventilates the attic. From the vent with the external baffles, the Shingle-Vent II, smoke came out equally from both sides of the ridge vent and attic spaces cleared quicker, even under different wind conditions.

In considering ridge vents, you may be wondering why a better ventilating ridge vent is important. Better ventilating ridge vents release moisture and therefore decrease mold problems. Lower heat in your attic as a result of a better ventilating ridge vent means ice won’t freeze, then thaw and build up ice dams. Thus a better ventilating ridge vent will reduce ice dams overall. Lower heat in your attic during the summer makes your house easier to cool and can therefore lower energy bills. These are just a few factors that are important to consider when choosing a ridge vent that will improve the quality of your home.

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