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More than 300 years after its founding, the picturesque and historical town of Southborough, Massachusetts still maintains its charm and its authentic look. Preserving the history of Southborough is a source of pride for the people of this area.  That desire for preservation and authenticity extends to the architectural heritage of the town as well, and that is where window replacement comes into play.  Nothing destroys the charm and authenticity of an old home faster than choosing the wrong windows.

Choosing the wrong windows is easier to do now than ever before.  The reason is simple.  Today there is a multitude of window replacement choices and with additional choices come the increased potential for a misstep.

Double-pane windows are required today in order to conserve energy, but the variety of frames the homeowner Marvin-double-hung-window-19-459x540-resized-600has to choose from is greater today than ever before. Marvin fiberglass windows are an excellent choice for many homes in Southborough.  Marvin fiberglass windows have fiberglass frames that are textured to look just like wood, so the windows can maintain the look of virtually any neighbourhood.  For real-wood frames, which are extremely energy efficient, one of the very best is the line of Marvin wood frame windows. Wood frames provide excellent value, as they are made from a renewable resource, and they are as non-polluting as it is possible to get. They are also quick and easy to install.

The homeowner who is overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices when it comes to window frames should not feel alone.  The number of choices is one important reason for homeowners to consult with an expert before choosing a window.  The question is: who is the most qualified window expert to consult in Southborough?

The expert needs to be a contractor intimately aware of all Southborough codes and permit requirements.  That means it has to be someone who has done business in Southborough for many years and someone who has a working knowledge (not just a theoretical knowledge) of all legal requirements for both construction and individual window choices in this area.

But there needs to be more than that.  Homeowners must live in the real world where paying utility bills is a fact, each and every month.  That means the people of this area need a contractor who also knows all the ins and outs of Energy Star ratings.  Both fiberglass and real wood windows, for instance, rate very highly when it comes to energy conservation.  Energy Star ratings tell the homeowner how good (or how bad) a particular window is at keeping out the sun’s harmful rays and how well the window keeps the home’s expensive heat and air conditioning inside, where they belong.Marvin-double-hung-window-11-635x540-resized-600

Then there is the matter of the contractor’s long-term involvement in the community.  Before a homeowner pays hard-earned money for replacement windows and their installation, the homeowner needs to know that the contractor has deep and abiding roots in the community, will be around if there is ever a problem, and will guarantee the work. Having roots in a community means that the contractor cares deeply about each and every job performed because even one negative word-of-mouth can deeply harm a local concern. This ensures that the window contractor will do everything in its power to keep the customer satisfied and happy.

United Home Experts has been installing windows in the Southborough area for many years and has hundreds of happy and satisfied customers they can point to with pride.  UHE knows all local codes and permit requirements and has its own equipment.  UHE only installs the highest quality windows, including Marvin, and each installation job comes with one of the strongest warranties in the business. Importantly, United Home Experts only uses highly trained and skilled installers who have been with the company for many years.  The company never uses day laborers as many other contractors do. Lastly, being one of the largest window installers in the area, UHE buys its windows in bulk at wholesale prices and passes the savings on to the homeowner.

It is true that choosing the right windows for a home, especially for a historic house, can be a daunting challenge.  Homeowners in the Southborough area would do well to consult with an expert like United Home Experts to profit from their free, no-obligation ideas and suggestions, even if the homeowner has no plans to use their services. For more information about our window services, visit our main window replacement page!

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