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Choosing a window today is nothing like what it was just ten years ago.  Today there are more window types than ever before, and choosing just the right window to complement a home and to match a homeowner’s pocketbook can be a Herculean task.

How many different choices does a homeowner have when it comes to picking just the perfect window?  There are fixed (also called picture); single and double hung; casement and bay; awning and sliders; skylights, and greenhouses.

The most basic window is a fixed, or picture window. This window does not open and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Its primary advantage is that it provides a relatively large, unobstructed view of the outdoors.   Its primary disadvantages are that it does not open to allow for airflow, and the outside of the window can only be cleaned from the outside of the house.

Of the windows which open, the simplest is possibly the single hung window. This is the vanilla ice cream of windows: plain and basic.  Two sheets of glass within a single frame, one sheet in the bottom half of the window and the second sheet in the top half of the frame, each sheet framed within the overall frame of the window. The two sheets of glass are offset just enough that the lower portion of the window can be pulled upward, allowing outside air to enter a room. The main advantages of this type of window include its relatively low cost and the fact that it does provide some ventilation. Its disadvantages are that most of its ventilation only takes place if there is wind outside and the crossbar obstructs the view.


The double hung window is similar to the single hung window described above, except that with the double hung window, not only can the lower pane of glass be raised upward, but the top pane of glass can be lowered downward to create a window that can be open at the top as well as at the bottom. It is also possible to partially open the top pane as well as the bottom pane at the same time. One of the primary advantages of this type of window is that when both the top and bottom of the window is open, cool air can come in through the open lower pane, while hot air escapes through the open upper window. The only real disadvantage is the rail in the center of the window which obstructs the view.

A casement window is a single sheet of glass in a frame which is hinged on either the right or the left side and can be opened outward with a hand crank. The advantage of a casement window is that they provide excellent ventilation, and a well-made casement window also seals tightly against outside noise. The disadvantage of a casement window is that, because it opens outward, it cannot be used next to a sidewalk or even a deck. Also, the hand crank can become tiresome.


An awning window is similar to the casement window, except that it is hinged at the top and opens outward with a crank handle. An awning window is often placed near the top of a wall so the window can let hot air escape. Its main advantage is that, because of the way this window opens, it can be left open when it rains. Its primary disadvantage is that, because it is so small and only opens partially, it cannot be easily used to escape in case of an emergency.

A gliding window consists of two panes of glass with a vertical bar between them. The panes are offset just enough that one pane can be slid to either the right or the left. The main advantages of this type of window are that, because it does not open outward, it can be used next to sidewalks, patios, and decks. This type of window also has a large enough opening to use in case of an emergency. The primary disadvantage of this type of window is that you can only open one side at a time.


A skylight also called a ceiling window, is installed in a ceiling.  Some skylights do not open, and others open just slightly to allow for ventilation. The primary advantage of a skylight is the amount of light that can be let into otherwise somewhat dark spaces. The primary disadvantage is that the homeowner must climb onto the roof to clean the exterior of the window.

A bay window, also known as a bow window, can create a very dramatic effect. This window extends out from the wall of the house, giving a room the feeling of additional space and providing a great deal of exterior light.  Generally, a bay window’s central pane of glass is stationary, but the panes on the extended sides of the window may open.


The primary advantages of a bay window include the dramatic look it gives to the home’s appearance and the extra light it allows in. The primary disadvantages of a bay window are the cost and the difficulty of cleaning all of the various panes of glass.

A greenhouse window is sometimes added in a kitchen. This is in effect a small bay window, designed to hold a few small potted plants, often herbs.  The primary advantage of this type of window is that it allows a homeowner to grow fresh herbs virtually all year round. The primary disadvantage is that, when the home is sold, this type of window only adds to the value of a home if the new owner wants a mini greenhouse built into the kitchen.


The homeowner must keep in mind that each type of window comes in a variety of frames: wood, vinyl, aluminum or steel. Each window also comes with a variety of coatings available on the glass and most come single or double-paned, many with an inert gas (such as argon) between the panes for added insulation.

The choice of windows may seem overwhelming, but homeowners can get great advice from the window specialists at United Home Experts. These design experts have years of experience here in the northeast and can quickly help a homeowner determine the exact window that complements any portion of a home and the exact window that also fits into the homeowner’s pocketbook.

The point is, a homeowner need not feel as if he or she is all alone out there in the window jungle – help is always available. For more information on windows, read our main window page!


Wood windows that were built 100 or more years ago (the double-framed variety) were built to last; however, those that were built 30 or 40 years ago were not. These windows are subject to wood rot and window shrinkage. The energy efficiency of the glass is often under question in windows of this age. For this reason, once these more recently constructed wood windows start showing these signs of aging (wood rot, cracking, mold, etc.) it is time to think about replacing them.

Wood rots when it stays wet for a lengthy period of time. Usually, for wood rot to occur the moisture content of the wood has to stay at more than 20 percent. This moisture level provides the best breeding ground for the fungi that cause wood rot. Other types of mold can also grow to extremely problematic levels in wetter areas, and this can contribute to wood window decay.

Cracks are self-explanatory, and they are not difficult to detect. Wood cracks when it gets old or wet, or when it isPeelingPaint exposed to extreme temperature changes and/or severe, harsh weather. Small cracks in the wood usually aren’t problematic, although if left untreated they could become much more of a problem.

Some cases of mold, wood rot, and cracking can be repaired, rather than replaced. This saves the homeowner time and money. But this quick fix may not be able to protect the window and the surrounding structure of the home from experiencing further damage. In this case, it is important to have a better idea of the extent of the wood damage.

How does one know when a wood window needs to be replaced? Basically, a wood window needs to be replaced if the wood rot, mold, and cracks penetrate the surface and cause significant structural damage to the home. Also, there are many homes in the region that still have windows that are over 50 years old and the technology is simply outdated and no longer effective because they can’t maintain the home’s temperature. It will be difficult for most homeowners to fully assess the condition of their wood windows by themselves, as there may be many hidden problem areas they might not see or know to look for. It is recommended that anyone concerned with the condition of the windows consult with the professional at United Home Experts.

These experts will be able to help assess whether the window simply needs to be repaired or whether a total Vinyl9500-Series_Room-Scene_Interior_4window replacement is in order. They will also be able to help homeowners decide on which type of replacement window is best for the needs of their homes. There are three main types of replacement windows: full-frame units, insert replacements and sash kits. Sash replacement kits are very popular these days because they provide an old window frame with all new, fully movable parts. But the other replacement window types also have their advantages.

It is incredibly difficult for the do-it-yourself homeowner to decide on and to complete a wood window replacement project of this magnitude, and it is not recommended that it be attempted without professional help, due to the complicated installation process and the possibility that warranties will be voided if installation errors occur. The professionals at United Home Experts are more than willing to provide a free consultation to help homeowners understand and take care of all their window replacement needs. For more information about window replacement, click here for our main window page!


Choosing from among all the different types and styles of windows available and cutting through the clutter of conflicting “facts” from each manufacturer is an almost impossible job. And there is no reason for the homeowner to walk this minefield alone. Talk to the experts at United Home Experts. They know everything there is to know about windows, and they install virtually every type of window there is, so their recommendations can be based solely on what is best for the homeowner and not on where their next commission check is coming from.

The Advantages of Vinyl-Framed Windows

Vinyl windows can be ordered to fit the exact size of a home’s window openings. This can be especially Vinyl9500-Series_Room-Scene_Interior_4advantageous on older homes which may have odd-sized openings. By purchasing windows that are made to fit a home’s current openings exactly, vinyl windows can be installed quickly and easily with little or no damage to the surrounding siding. Naturally, there may be a modest additional charge for custom sizes, but even with the additional charge, vinyl windows can still be less costly than many other alternatives.

Vinyl is not affected by salt spray or most air-born contaminants. Homes near the ocean, which are subject to almost continual salt spray, have discovered that vinyl does not rust, absorb moisture and swell or cause any of the other problems which other window frames are subject to under similar conditions. Vinyl is also unaffected by air pollution, even in heavily industrialized areas, which is something many other frames cannot boast of.

The Disadvantages of Vinyl-Framed Windows

Vinyl windows cannot be painted. While the fact that vinyl windows come with the color imbued into the vinylshingle-siding itself can be an advantage, if the color is not quite right or if the homeowner wants to change the color of the house in the future, the vinyl window frames do not accept paint well, and this may detract from the overall appearance of a home.

If the vinyl frame is not held together by screws then it is welded. Unfortunately, welding can cause as many problems as using screws. Poor welding can result in drainage problems which are not readily apparent and welds can also allow for air leakage, which negates most of the window’s insulating properties.

Choosing the type and style of window that is right for a particular home and fits into the homeowner’s pocketbook can be a real challenge. After all, a homeowner has several different window frames to choose from and each manufacturer is making confusing and competing claims to grab the homeowner’s cash. Hopefully, the information in this article will equip the homeowner with at least some ammunition in the hunt for the perfect window.


Energy-efficient windows save the homeowner money on utility costs each and every month. On the surface that sounds like a wonderful thing and in many cases, it is. But everything comes at a price, so what exactly are the pros and cons of energy efficient windows?

Windows have changed a great deal in just the past ten years. Today’s energy windows are almost invisibly sprayed with a metallic coating that reflects more than half of the sun’s harmful UV rays back into the outdoors while allowing almost 100% of the sun’s natural light to shine through. A room supplied with UV-protected windows is not the gloomy place it was just a few years ago.

Advantages of Energy-Saving Windows

Windows used to be energy sinkholes, robbing a room of its warmth and causing utility bills to soar. Fortunately, CasementPushoutthat is not true any longer. An energy efficient window consists of two or more panes of specially treated glass with a layer of an inert gas, such as argon, trapped between the panes. Argon does not transfer heat well and so acts as an energy “blanket” between the sheets of glass, preventing the room’s warmth from escaping through the window.

But there is a lot more to an efficient window than simply an argon heat barrier. As previously alluded to, energy-efficient window glass is specially treated with a thin film of metallic particles which are designed to reflect away the sun’s UV rays while at the same time trapping the heat that is in a room and reflecting it back into the home. The result is an immediate saving on utility bills for the homeowner, but more than that, the view through an energy efficient double-paned window is virtually as clear and unobstructed as the view through an untreated single-pane window.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (the NFRC) rates windows for their insulating properties, their visual transmittance (how easily they can be seen through), their solar gain coefficient (how well they protect a room from the sun’s heat and UV rays) and air leakage around the edges of the windows. Homeowners should pay special attention to NFRC ratings and should look for the Energy Star ratings that are based on the homeowner’s region of the country.

If windows are 20 years old or older, if the windows have begun to leak, or if the homeowner is simply tired of paying utility bills that seem too high, the homeowner should look into replacing them with new energy efficient windows.

The new energy-efficient glass is more expensive than old-fashioned standard windows. However, the initial cost should not be the only factor when deciding on new windows. The window experts at United Home Experts, for example, can help a homeowner calculate the energy savings that can be expected with new windows. By calculating the energy saved each month, these experts can help the homeowner determine how much money will be saved each month on utility costs. In this way, the homeowner can see exactly how long it will take for the new windows to pay for themselves and how much extra money the homeowner can enjoy each month. The homeowner should also keep in mind that as energy prices rise in the future, their savings will also increase with time.

One final advantage to double-paned windows is outside noise reduction. Homeowners who replace single pane windows with double paned windows, especially windows with a high Energy Star rating, report that street noise is reduced considerably, making for an overall more comfortable living environment.

Disadvantages of Energy-Saving Windows

Probably the biggest drawback to energy windows is the initial cost. Many homeowners, especially if they are andersenbathroom-resized-600planning to replace a number of windows, might see costs of 10% to 15% more for double-paned energy windows as opposed to double paned non-energy efficient windows. For a home with several windows, the added cost can increase the bottom line quite a lot.

Double-paned windows are heavier than single paned windows, and for some homeowners that might be a drawback.

Also, in order to see any significant energy savings each month, a homeowner must replace all older windows with the new, higher-priced energy windows at the same time. No appreciable savings will result from simply replacing one old, leaky window with a new high-efficiency window while leaving all the others in place. However, replacing all the windows at the same time can be a large job and can also be expensive.

It is also necessary for homeowners to be quality-conscious when buying high-efficiency windows. Off brands or cut-rate windows may not be properly sealed and can cause more problems than they solve. Poorly insulated double-paned windows can allow condensation to form between the windowpanes, indicating that the windows are not doing their job properly. Saving money up-front by buying lower-priced windows may not result in the energy savings that the homeowner had planned on. This situation can be eliminated by only dealing with reputable companies such as United Home Experts, who have years of experience installing high-efficiency windows in the Northeast, and who only sell quality windows.

To sum up, the advantage of high-efficiency windows is a reduction in harmful UV radiation entering the home marvinwindows-resized-600from the outside while at the same time reflecting the heat inside the home back into the home. This results in substantially lower monthly utility bills. Modern high-efficiency windows are also virtually clear, affording almost perfect views, as opposed to the film-coated windows of only a few years ago.

The disadvantages are a higher initial cost (although high-efficiency windows generally pay for themselves within three to four years through lower monthly utility bills) and the fact that in order to get any real monthly savings all the windows in a home must be replaced at the same time.

The experts at United Home Experts have helped out many families pick and choose the right window for their homes while saving them on the utility bills. The team at United are certified window installers by major brand manufacturers and our members have over 20 years of experience of installing windows, so you can count on us.


Most people don’t often think about window replacement unless there is a major problem. The fact is, though, that are many good reasons for home window replacement, even without a major emergency necessitating the change. Andersen Windows with Stormwatch(R) are some of the best on the market today. Here are just a few of the benefits of adding these amazing accessories to any home.

Improved Seasonal Comfort

Replacing an old, drafty window – especially a single-paned one – can improve your home’s ability to maintain a AndersenBedroom-aw10-103-resized-600warmer interior by about fifty percent. Today’s Energy Star-rated version is made with special technology that combines frames that are energy efficient and high-performing glass.

This same glass that keeps the interior air warm is also better able to protect a home against the hot sun during the summer months. This window type with the high-performing glass reduces the amount of heat that comes into your home by at least fifty percent. Just think of how much heating and cooling bills can be reduced by installing it into the home.

Increased Curb Appeal

Switching out some features of your home can have a dramatic, immediate effect on your its exterior appearance. AndersenExterior-04-075-resized-600United Home Experts has a vast selection of window, door, and siding products that offer many options to homeowners that often complement many homes, whether they have a more traditional or a more contemporary design. And with all the trim packages that are available for both the exterior and the interior, homeowners can be sure that their custom-designed window will have a unique look.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl and fiberglass frames never need to be painted. In many cases, much of the newer hardware used in replacements is constructed from durable stainless steel or die-cast zinc that undergo numerous tests to ensure they will hold up in any home. In fact, most of the best window manufacturers today offer a full lifetime warranty to the original homeowner, covering both materials and labor.

Improved Home Security

In addition, a new window can give your home added security. The Andersen brand has been forced-entry testedAndersenBathroom-resized-600 for safety. Most now offer locking systems with multiple points that render lock breakthroughs nearly impossible.

Reduced Sound Transmission

A new window has the often overlooked ability to inhibit the transmission of sound. Noise comes in various frequencies from many different sources. With the world’s population increasing every year, it is becoming more difficult to control noise by the day. These glass features of the home can be the weakest
link when it comes to maintaining sound control.

Environmental Benefits

Last but not least, a new window can aid in improving the environment. When less energy is used to heat and cool the home, fewer natural resources are being used up, and so there is less impact on the environment.

Is It Time for a Replacement?

Many homeowners may be confused as to whether they really are in need of window replacement. A consult with the professionals at United Home Experts can help any homeowner better understand their options in order to make a more informed replacement window decision.


Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, no matter what time of the year there’s always something to do or something to see down at Memorial Field / Casey Field down on East Main Street.  In the winter there’s a man-made ice hockey rink there at Casey Field, and in the Spring, Summer and Fall there’s all the games of the Northborough Youth Baseball to cheer on.  And of course all the Little League games at Casey Field, even at night, under the lights.

Baseball is almost as old as Northborough itself and so are many of the historical homes around town.  Of course, a home doesn’t have to be old to be loved and cared for.  Most homeowners in Northborough have enough civic pride to keep their homes looking their best, including replacing windows when necessary.

Sometimes it is necessary to replace windows because the old ones simply look old and out of date.  Other times bthe old windows may get broken.  Or a homeowner may realize that he or she is simply loosing too much money every month because the home’s warm air just seeps out the old glass as if it were a screen.

New, modern windows are nothing like the windows of even fifteen or twenty years ago.  Today’s windows keep out the harmful rays of the sun while holding in virtually all of a home’s heat.  It isn’t much of a secret that today’s best windows are made by the Marvin Window Company, specifically their fiberglass windows and their wood framed windows.

Window replacement in Northborough isn’t open to just anyone.  A window contractor in this town needs a great local reputation.  He needs to have replaced literally hundreds of windows and shown the community that he genuinely cares about the homes and the homeowners of Northborough.  Having replaced so many windows locally also means that any local window contractor also knows Northborough building codes and permit regulations just about as well as anyone at the planning office.

Anyone thinking of doing window replacement in Northborough also needs to know virtually everything there isc to know about Energy Star ratings and how they can save homeowners money on their utility bills every month.

Whew!  That’s a tall order for any window contractor.  The only such contractor I know of in Northborough is United Home Experts.  They have replaced more windows in this town than virtually anyone else which means they know every piece of paperwork that needs to be filed out backwards as well as forwards.  Rely on the pros at UHE to handle all of your paperwork.

If you are looking for a company with a good local rep this is it.  UHE has literally hundreds of satisfied local customers who are willing to tell the world what a wonderful job United Home Experts did with their windows.

And because UHE has replaced so many windows here in Northborough, they know literally everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings.  That’s why they recommend Marvin fiberglass windows and Marvin wood framed windows.  Both of those windows have the highest Energy Star ratings and are virtually guaranteed to save homeowners an appreciable amount on their monthly utility bills.  And remember, these savings aren’t just for a month or two – they go on for years!

You’re probably thinking that United Home Experts may be the best when it comes to windows replacements here in Northborough, but the best is way out of your price league, right?  Not necessarily.  United Home Experts installs so many replacement windows that their high volume means they can keep their prices low.  Give ‘em a call.  Find out just how low their prices are and take a look at the tremendous selection of windows they have to offer. For more information about our window replacement services, visit our main replacement window page!


Have you ever thought about all the famous people who live (or who use to live) in Needham?  For such a relatively small town, Needham has way more than its share of famous people, everyone from Chester Nimitz, Jr., a World War II naval hero, to Marsha Bemko, an executive producer of the “Antiques Roadshow,” to more than a dozen professional hockey and baseball players, to country singer-writer-actor Joey McIntyre, to, well close to fifty others, all from Needham or people who retired to Needham.

Needham obviously has a lot to be proud of, and one of the ways the homeowners of Needham have chosen to demonstrate their civic pride is by the way they maintain their homes.  Keeping their windows looking up-to-date yet classic is one of the things hundreds of local homeowners have already elected to do.

Window replacement in Needham is not the easy thing it used to be.  Even twenty years ago buying new windows shbeautyinterior-resized-600was a relatively simple matter, a choice of three or four different styles – and who had even heard of Energy Star ratings back then?  Today things are very different.  Today buying replacement windows is so complicated that a homeowner almost needs a university degree just to step inside a showroom.

Of course, most local homeowners know that the two best replacement windows from a standpoint of both cost as well as saving energy (plus they both look classic) are fiberglass windows and wood frame windows manufactured by the Marvin Window Company, the recognized leader in modern energy-efficient replacement windows.

Any contractor who specializes in window replacement in Needham needs to pass a few simple tests.  For example, a local window contractor must know all of Needham’s local building codes and city permits just like he knows the back of his hand.

And the only way a local window contractor could become that familiar with Needham building codes is by lht_dh_kitchen_10installing lots and lots of windows locally, so any local window contractor worth his salt must have the best interests of both the people of Needham as well as the homes of Needham at heart.

And, obviously, any local window contractor must install the best windows, which means Marvin fiberglass windows and Marvin wood framed windows.

So how many local window contractors fit the bill?  Not many.  One who does is United Home Experts.  They have replaced the windows in more than a hundred homes in Needham and they have a file cabinet bulging with testimonials from happy local homeowners.

United Home Experts features the Marvin line of windows and installs more Marvin fiberglass windows and Marvin wood frame windows than just about anyone else in the entire area.  One of the main reasons they feature the Marvin line is because both Marvin fiberglass as well as Marvin wood frame windows have the highest Energy Star ratings around and both windows are designed to save homeowners a bundle of money every month on their utility bills.  And remember, those savings go on year after year.

Everyone thinks that the best costs the most, and in many cases that’s true.  However, when it comes to the best replacement windows in Needham, United Home Experts keeps their cost down by installing more replacement windows than just about anyone else.  Their high volume keeps a tight lid on prices.  When you call United Home Experts be sure to ask about their price as well as their expert installation – and you just may be surprised at how little the best replacement windows in Needham really cost. For more information about our window replacement services, visit our main windows page!


When was the last time you visited Kingsbury Pond out on Route 27?  You know, across the street from St. Edward’s Catholic Church.  This is one of the best places locally for catching Large Mouth Bass.  And in the winter, when the pond freezes over, it makes a perfect spot for ice skating.  It a great place to take the family.  It is places like Kingsbury Pond that make small towns like Medfield so special.  The memories of fishing or skating at Kingsbury are memories that will stay with a person for a lifetime.

Unfortunately the windows on a home don’t last for a lifetime – or at least they shouldn’t.  The reason is that newCUINDHint2 window technology has made windows that were popular even ten or fifteen years ago now totally obsolete.  Old windows let heat in during the summer and allow the heat to flow out almost unimpeded in the winter.  The new fiberglass windows and even many of the wood frame windows, especially windows made by Marvin Windows, are specifically designed to keep the sun out and to keep warm air inside during the winter, saving you a tone of money.

Some people make it seem like buying replacement windows in Medfield almost takes a college degree today, but that’s not the case with United Home Experts.

That’s why so many Medfield residents rely on the expertise of window contractors like United Home Experts.  United Home Experts has installed replacement windows in more Medfield homes than just about anyone else.  In fact, they have installed so many replacement windows here in Medfield that they know all of the local building codes and permits by heart – and they will make sure all the proper paperwork is filed before the job gets started.

Because they have done more window replacements in Medfield than just about anyone, they also have literally IntegritybeautyEXT1-resized-600hundreds of satisfied local customers in their files and can provide all the glowing references any homeowner could ever want.

United Home Experts features the very best replacement windows – windows by the Marvin Window Company.  They feature both the Marvin fiberglass window, which is light weight, easy and quick to install and a very low-cost window, and the Marvin wood frame window for a more traditional look.

Both of these windows have been specifically design to lower utility bills and both have one of the highest Energy Star ratings a homeowner can find.

You might think that all of this advanced technology and energy-savings comes at a price that is way beyond your budget.  But that’s not necessarily true.  United Home Experts installs more replacement windows in Medfield homes than just about anyone so they are able to keep their prices down and offer the people of Medfield the best value for the best window replacements in the entire area.

The final point you should be concerned about are the people installing your windows.  If you want a professional-icaintsetaffirepla2_07_itc3looking job then you need a professional installation crew and that’s exactly what UHE provides.  The installers working for United Home Experts have been hand-selected and extremely well-trained.

UHE’s installation crews have been working together for years in most cases; they know what they are doing and they get the job done in the most professional way possible in the least amount of time possible.

Unfortunately some of UHE’s competitors don’t care nearly as much about your windows once you’ve signed a contract.  Some window contractors here in Medfield hire their workers from the back of a truck at the local home center parking lot.  Keep that in mind when making your decision.

United Home Experts is undoubtedly the best of the best when it comes to choosing and installing replacement windows for your home.  From offering the best windows with the highest Energy Star rating to the people who install your windows, the professionals at United Home Experts will make your window replacing experience a smooth and pleasant one. For more information on our window services, please visit our main window page!


The people of Walpole have always known of the value of preserving nature and of maintaining a sanctuary where people could go to unwind from the rigors and the stress of modern life.  For proof one need look no further than the 89 acre Francis William Bird Park, with its miles of walking and biking trails and its abundant scenic wonders.  I don’t suppose there’s anyone in Walpole who hasn’t visited this sanctuary at least once.

There are other sanctuaries in Walpole, too.  Most people consider their home a sanctuary.  Maybe that’s why so many people feel that window replacement in Walpole is so important.  After all, windows do set the stage for how modern or how retro a home looks – and windows have an extraordinary effect on how comfortable a home is.

When it come to window replacement in Walpole the homeowners of this town are rather particular – both about who installs their windows as well as what kind of windows they install.  Fiberglass windows are the new standard.  There are many reasons for this.  Modern fiberglass windows look virtually identical to wood framed windows but they are lighter, very fast and easy to install, they are extremely low maintenance, and they have a very high Energy Star rating, meaning that they will save a homeowner money on utilities each and every month, year in and year out.

Finding a local window installer who is familiar with Energy Star ratings is very important.  Windows today are LHT_DH_Kitchen_10nothing like the windows of yesterday.  Today it takes an advanced degree just to understand all the ins and outs of modern window technology and homeowners here demand a replacement window contractor who understands exactly what it all means.

They also demand a contractor who knows all the local building codes and permits; no one wants to run afoul of local ordinances.

And lastly, local Walpole homeowners won’t settle for any replacement window contractor who does not have a stake in this community.  Any window replacement contractor in Walpole must have replaced hundreds of local windows and have a stellar reputation.

There aren’t many local window contractors who meet all of those criteria.  One who does is United Home Experts.  They have installed more replacement windows here in Walpole than just about anyone and they have a file cabinet filled with happy customers to prove it.  They are more than happy to supply plenty of great references to any homeowner who asks.

Because they install more windows locally than just about anyone else, United Home Experts are experts when it IntegrityBedroomWindow-resized-600comes to both local building codes as well as knowing everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings.  Homeowners who use UHE never have to worry about filing the proper paperwork and they can sleep soundly knowing that UHE installs the best windows on the market, Marvin fiberglass windows and Marvin wood framed windows, both of which have among the highest Energy Star ratings possible.  With Marvin fiberglass windows or Marvin wood framed windows homeowners in Walpole will have among the lowest utility bills in Massachusetts for many years to come.

One final point.  If you care about the quality of the people who work on your home, around your family, then you should know that the expert window installers who work for United Home Experts have been with the company for many years in most cases, each member of UHE’s team has been screened and trained in window installation.  Unfortunately, some of UHE’s competitors don’t care that much about the people they have working on your property – some local window contractors hire their installers off street corners each morning.

You are probably wondering about price.  You’re thinking that if United Home Experts is the best then they must be the most expensive.  That’s not necessarily true.  UHE installs more windows in the Northeast than just about any other contractor in the area so they are able to keep their prices totally in line and still provide local homeowners with the very highest quality windows that will save them money on their utility bills each and every month.

Give United Home Experts a call.  Talk to their friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff of window experts.  You have nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain. For more information about our window replacement services, visit our main window page!


What town wouldn’t be proud to call themselves the home of Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird?  Acton has been home to a lot of famous and important people throughout the years: Helen Keller, the movie and TV comedian Steve Carell, the goalie for the Colonials, Tom Barrasso – but maybe the most famous person to ever come out of Acton was the great puppeteer, Caroll Spinny, who helped bring both Big Bird as well as Oscar the Grouch to life.  Just ask any child!

The people of Acton have a lot to be proud of and they show that pride in a thousand different ways, every day of the year.  One way they show it is by choosing replacement windows for their homes which not only enhances the beauty of their homes but also the charm and the history of Acton itself.

There is a lot to replacement windows. In fact, it’s gotten to the point that a homeowner almost needs aSHBeautyInterior-resized-600 doctorate’s degree in windows just to know what a window contractor is talking about.  For the moment it is enough to understand that probably the best window manufacturer today is the Marvin Window Company and the best replacement windows are either Marvin fiberglass windows or Marvin real wood windows.

When buying a window replacement in Acton there are a couple of things that local homeowners simply demand. One is a window contractor who knows all the local building codes and permits like the back of his hand and the other is a window contractor who understands everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings and how to get the most in savings from replacement windows.

One other thing.  Local homeowners want a window contractor who genuinely cares about the people and the homes here in Acton.  They demand a contractor who has roots in the community and who has already installed hundreds of windows and has a good reputation.

It sounds as if it would be almost impossible to find a local replacement window installer who could live up to all IntegrityBedroomWindow-resized-600of those requirements, but one does.  United Home Experts are experts when it comes to selling and installing replacement windows here in Acton.  They have probably installed more replacement windows in this area than anyone else.   And they have hundreds of enthusiastic homeowners to prove it.

United Home Experts knows Acton’s building codes and permits better than just about anyone else.  With UHE covering your back you never need to worry about any of the paperwork.

And when it comes to understanding Energy Star ratings and how they apply to your windows no one has a better understanding than UHE.  United Home Experts recommends only the best in window replacement – Marvin fiberglass or Marvin wood framed windows.  Both have high Energy Star ratings and both will enhance the looks of your home.

On top of all of that, the highly-skilled installers who work for United Home Experts can install your windows more quickly and more professionally than virtually anyone else locally.  Why?  Because UHE’s window installers are a team which works together virtually every day.  They are highly trained and skilled, unlike the “installers” which some other contractors pick up every morning at the local home center parking lot.

The last consideration is price.  Everyone wants the best price possible but do keep in mind that you get what you pay for.  On top of that, the cost of using United Home Experts may not be any more than the price you would end up paying some cut-rate window installer since UHE installs so many windows that they can afford to keep their prices low.

You want the best and your home deserves the best so give United Home Experts a call today and find out for yourself just how affordable the best can be. For more information about our replacement windows services, visit our main window page!