On countless occasions our customers have told us Marvin windows are the best looking windows they’ve ever seen. That’s because the people at Marvin Windows and Doors have been designing products Since 1912. The Marvin company is privately owned and still operated by the Marvin family. That means you get products that are designed with passion, and built with care. Marvin’s slogan defines their core focus perfectly: “Built around you®”


There’s no such thing as an “apples to apples” comparison when comparing the quality of other windows to Marvin. Many of the standard features and components of Marvin windows and doors are expensive upgrades with other manufacturers. Once you factor in the upgrades that sky-rocket the price of other windows, Marvin is still hands-down a superior product.

Design Flexibility:

Start with one of our thousands of standard windows and doors. Then choose from 7 interior wood specie options. Nineteen clad colors. Multiple glass and hardware options. And limitless divided lite patterns. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to designing your perfect windows.


Virtually all Marvin products already meet or exceed federal ENERGY STAR guidelines. Marvin is constantly striving to be a leader in green manufacturing and production of products that sharply decrease homeowners’ energy consumption. Marvin now offers a variety of energy-efficient glass options.

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